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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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UN economist: the scourge of corruption and the underdeveloped banking system hinders investment in



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UN economist: the scourge of corruption and the underdeveloped banking system hinders investment in

Post by rocky on Sat 10 Aug 2013, 7:23 am

UN economist: the scourge of corruption and the underdeveloped banking system hinders investment in Iraq

Saturday, August 10 / August 2013 11:49

[Baghdad - where]

Industrial development expert said at the United Nations [UNIDO] Ali al-Sudani said "the scourge of corruption hinder investment in Iraq."

Observers had economic Chan stressed that many obstacles still prevent investors from entering Iraq, foremost of bureaucracy and corruption, decaying infrastructure and other legislative and economic problems.

He said the Sudanese in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of "out of Iraq from Chapter VII is an important event and embarrassment in the history of modern Iraq and a means important to bring about developments and gears quality levels of technological and scientific in all economic sectors, research and scientific, he also gives the sector financial and banking sector greater freedom and more credibility in dealing with global banks and in a form which provides financial cover depends upon by the foreign investor to enter into a large and important projects in Iraq. "

The Sudanese that "the scourge of corruption hinder this trend and will undermine the tireless efforts that are being made ​​in the process, because the financial and banking system in Iraq is old and suffers backward and reluctance in its procedures and ways to interact with the global banking system, which would be a burden plus the Iraqi economy and a new factor contributing to the the funding of terrorism on the one hand and activate and raise levels of corruption in Iraq, on the other hand. "

He added that "the seventh item is not a major factor in the reluctance of foreign investors to enter the Iraqi market, but there are many factors, most notably the absence of mechanisms to control and audit in all respects and mechanisms of governance and strategies in projects implemented or are in the pipeline, and the spread of corruption in all walks of life has led to prevent international companies from Germany and Japan and America that are subject to standards of transparency and governance and accountability in all of its pollution does not allow its name to the draft of a corrupt nature from afar or nearby. "

The expert pointed out the economic internationalist that "the role of the Iraqi government, unfortunately, the role of an observer only and no proactive steps in the field of investment, it is a dominant feature of all sectors faced by vulnerable and fragmented in the planning and the correct setting of the requirements for success, such as security sectors, administrative and economic."

He called on the Sudanese government to "activate investment in Iraq through the strategies and mechanisms of clear-paced and timetable of implementation to become Iraq and attractive destination for investment and not repulsive to him, in addition to moving away from traditional methods of dry in investment promotion and marketing is limited to posters and international conferences ineffective and trade fairs limited to two or three countries like Iran and Turkey. "

Sudanese concluded his speech by saying that "the role of the state must begin Petrchin the banking and financial sector to make it able to provide financial guarantees easy handling and guaranteed security and controlled in terms of distancing itself from the financing of terrorism in all its forms.

And was a member of the Committee on Economy and Investment parliamentary Nahida Daini described in a press statement for [where] investment in Iraq as [semi Dead] because of the restrictions imposed on him because he is progressing very slow because of the restrictions imposed on the investment law, as well as the reluctance of investment projects because of overlapping of powers between the Government Center and الاستمثار Authority and the powers of the provinces as well as the lack of money and security and stability and holding conferences and seminars and visits to Arab countries are just protocols and not with a view to investment, "according to its expression.

She noted that "We can not do investment only after the creation of the appropriate environment to him through the provision of funds and change investment law in line with giving full powers to create the elements of an efficient and effective as well as providing land appropriate, since much of the territory belonging to the ministries It is difficult to obtain, as well as the existence of financial and administrative corruption, all of which contributed to the lack of a suitable environment for Asttosmar. "

The U.S. Embassy in Baghdad has warned Iraq on October 9 last 2012 endanger the economy because of its reliance on oil revenues alone, announcing at the same time that Iraq's economy has achieved a growth of 9.6% in 2011, according to the report issued by the Regional Economic Development Project Trade Tijara of the U.S. Agency for International Development. ended


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Re: UN economist: the scourge of corruption and the underdeveloped banking system hinders investment in

Post by notazbad2000 on Mon 12 Aug 2013, 5:00 am

Corruption, deteriorated banking system hinder investment in Iraq

Added by Ibrahim Khalil on August 11, 2013.
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Baghdad ( The economic expert, Ali al-Sudani, stated that ”The corruption hinders investment in Iraq.”Sudani reported in statement received by ”Relieving Iraq out of UN Charter’s Seventh Chapter is such an important event and an opportunity to establish developments on technology and scientific levels in all economic and researching sectors.””The financial and banking fields will have more space of freedom in dealing with global banks which provide a financial capital for investors to participate in major projects in Iraq,” he added.”The corruption and retarted banking system are hindering Iraqi economy and contributing in funding terrorism and promoting corruption in all State institutions,” he pointed out.According to observers, many obstacles are still preventing investors from participating in reconstruction of Iraq such as bureaucracy, corruption, deteriorated infrastructure and other legislative and economic problems. \END\

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