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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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FBI: The biggest threat to America


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FBI: The biggest threat to America Empty FBI: The biggest threat to America

Post by rocky on Thu 28 Sep 2017, 2:15 am

[ltr]FBI: The biggest threat to America[/ltr]

 Since 2017-09-27 at 19:35 (Baghdad time)
[ltr]FBI: The biggest threat to America Sadswfwefw[/ltr]
[ltr]Mawazine News - Follow up[/ltr]
[ltr]The head of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Christopher Ray, said Wednesday that the organization of a terrorist advocate, along with local extremists, was the biggest terrorist threat to the United States.[/ltr]
[ltr]At a hearing organized by the Senate's National Security Committee, Ray said the revocation of terrorist attacks remains a priority task for the office. "The Bureau of Investigation continues to reveal those who want to join ranks and travel to fight under its banner, as well as to detect extremists who grew up in the United States and are planning to commit acts of violence inside the country."[/ltr]
[ltr]Ray stressed that "the FBI faces terrorist propaganda in the Internet and social networking sites."[/ltr]
[ltr]He pointed out that al-Qa'ida is not a single terrorist organization whose activities raise the concern of the United States. There is also al-Qaeda, which has not abandoned its plans to carry out major attacks, although the operations against it in the past have seriously weakened it.[/ltr]
[ltr]Ray predicted that al Qaeda would focus its efforts in the near term on individual attacks against the United States and its allies in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Ending 29/34[/ltr]

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