Alsumaria News / Baghdad 
enables scientists in the countryside of the city shatura Moscow province to increase their device 's innovative named "Rrilesutron" capability. 

The relatron can then throw something 100 grams at 3 kilometers per second or 10,800 kilometers per hour. As for a small "shot" weighing one gram, it can start from the relatron at 6 kilometers per second. 

This is enough to turn scientific invention into a terrible weapon that will crush the enemy hundreds of kilometers away.

It is expected that the "catalytic gun" will be fired at 11 kilometers per second in the future, making the owner of the relatron capable of dropping the satellite. 

Russian television reported the existence of the relisotron in the summer of 2016 when its inventors talked to television representatives about the peaceful uses of the electromagnetic shield they invented and called "relsutron" as the launch of small satellites. 

And we do not secretly know that if we say that the electromagnetic gun dreamed by the military, this device turns the ordinary things free of explosives into a terrible weapon not resisted shields and anything else. The Americans began experimenting with the relatron and almost supplied the future destroyer Zambault, but they decided to continue experimenting with it.

There is no doubt, however, that the United States will sooner or later arm the warships with electromagnetic guns. The price of the electromagnetic gun will be about $ 25,000, while the price of the missile could be $ 1 million. 

Equity requires reference to the "weakness" of the relis- tron, the most significant of which is its size, where its batteries weigh only a tonne. In addition, it is impossible to control the electromagnetic missile, which impedes the accuracy required to hit the target. So the relatron can not be a substitute for smart cruise missiles that are looking for targets on their own. But electromagnetic guns can enhance artillery and air defenses.