said Minister of Oil, Electricity and Water of Kuwait Rashidi Bakhit on Tuesday that Iraqi gas import in the "final stages". 

"The talks with Iraq on the import of gas are in their final stages, " Al-Rashidi told reporters on the sidelines of the opening of the Sixth International Health, Safety and Environment Conference . He expected that "there will be an agreement within months." 

"The transfer of gas from Iraq to Kuwait will be through the pipelines, where Iraq is responsible for the lines extending in its territory, while Kuwait is responsible for the lines extending in its territory.

The Kuwaiti oil minister announced on December 10, 2017, the agreement with Iraq to import 50 million cubic feet per day of natural gas as a first stage, among Iraqi Oil Minister Jabbar al-Allaibi that the date of signing the contract is linked to some logistics and prices. 

The Iraqi government announced in August 2017, negotiating with officials in Kuwait to sell gas instead of paying money as part of the compensation imposed on Baghdad, the invasion of Kuwait in 1990.