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Abadi between Narayan" .. Iraqi factions strong on the collision course with Washington


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Abadi between Narayan" .. Iraqi factions strong on the collision course with Washington

Post by rocky on Mon 16 Apr 2018, 1:44 am

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Abadi between Narayan" .. Iraqi factions strong on the collision course with Washington

Whenever it comes to military intervention abroad, be it in Syria, Yemen or another country, it is the reservation and rejection that prevails in Baghdad, and this keeps an Iraqi tradition that is committed to the importance of political solutions and spare the region more crises, according to the following analysis.
Iraq is an important country in the Middle East, which has been subjected to bitter wars and terrorism exacerbated by external interference, and in contrast to even with the United States, which is associated with a "strategic", the close alliance between the parties does not mean acceptance of everything dictated by the stronger party, Iran's frenzied American rivalry to lead the region. 
Baghdad did not hesitate to express its "concern" over the latest trilateral strike by the United States, Britain and France against Syria.
According to the Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari on a number of points starting from Iraq in his vision of the solution in Syria, which is "the need to prefer a political solution to the Syrian crisis," explaining that "the Syrian people is the one who determines his own destiny," according to a statement issued by the Iraqi Foreign Ministry .
Jaafari stressed that "Iraq's refusal to produce and use chemical weapons from any party, especially in previous periods of use of this type of weapons," warning that "any escalation in Syria will negatively affect the security and stability of the region as a whole, To regain his activity after his defeat in Iraq, and his retreat in Syria. "
"The threat of terrorism today threatens all countries of the world," Jaafari said. "The courage of peace is more important than the courage of war."
"The use of military force and missiles is unacceptable to end the crisis in Syria," said leader of the popular crowd Karim Nouri. "These operations have provided a great service to terrorists inside Syria."
"The popular crowd will be harmed by the American strike more than the Syrian regime," Nouri said in a statement to the Journal News. "He expressed his hope that the crisis in Syria will end according to the dialogue at the UN Security Council table.
Nuri stressed that "the Iraqi border is fully insured."
The Hezbollah Brigades, issued a strongly worded statement, in which it confirmed its readiness to confront what it called the "American-Zionist plot."
The political bureau of the Brigades said in a statement that "the American aggression machine will not stop spreading death, destruction and destruction in our Arab and Islamic region, and will not condone its foolish administration until the world enters into a world war that does not remain and does not happen. The criminal Trump unleashed his barbaric aggression against Syria, Britain and France and the Israeli and Saudi entities, "saying that" this was in retaliation for the defeat of the Tkfiri and terrorist gangs in the eastern Ghouta and the clearing of this terrorist pocket planted by America and support him to be a dagger in the side of Damascus threatens its security and targeting innocent civilians daily missiles and NAT, and looking for opportunities to attack them. "
"The folly of the American administration and its allies have changed the map of confrontation and engagement, and they have to bear the consequences of the aggression against Syria," she said.
"Syria's allies will not leave Damascus for a summit of the American administration and its tacit allies," he said. "America does not want stability in Syria, it seeks to occupy it and control its economic resources."
The movement considered that "Saudi money and Zionist incitement is the basis of aggression on Syria's sovereignty and the axis of resistance." "America does not recognize international laws, and we do not recognize the equation of distancing ourselves from partners," the movement said.
For its part, the leadership of the Saraya al-Salam, the military wing of the Sadrist movement, its readiness to carry out what is ordered by the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr in relation to what has been "brutal aggression against Syria."
"We announce the readiness of the entire peace corps to protect our western borders from American evil," the Saraya leadership said in a statement. "As the Sadrists taste the taste of defeat and disgrace in Iraq, they are capable of defeating them at any time."
According to observers, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi appears in an enviable position, he is between a major ally and supporter of Iraq, and between armed factions active on the ground and has a mass and military weight.
Observers explain that Abadi lost a large part of the political support necessary to obtain a second term, even before the recent strike against Syria, explaining that this was evident due to the difference of views and the entry of the allies of yesterday's political lists separately for the next elections, explaining that Abadi of Another side can convince others of the danger of being exposed to US interests in Iraq, because doing so means paying a heavy price and giving the impression that Iraq's sovereignty is being breached, and that is not what everyone wants.

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