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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Revitalize economic sectors and develop skills


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Revitalize economic sectors and develop skills

Post by rocky on Mon 16 Apr 2018, 8:04 am

Revitalize economic sectors and develop skills


16/4/2018 12:00 am 

[rtl] Baghdad / Emad Al-Amara 
The suspension of investment programs in the public budgets, due to the decline in oil revenues in previous years, led to the growth of the unemployment rate due to the cessation of production sectors in the areas affected by terrorism, which caused the inability of the national economy to absorb excess labor and achieve balance in the market Work  
between academic and economic d. Ahmed Omar Al-Rawi said that "the economy today is not suffering from unemployment, but only from a convincing unemployment, especially in the public sector, with a decline in the ability of public institutions and companies to access the productive capacity of design as a result of slack career and bureaucracy in service institutions," noting that " Or stop in many productive institutions, and the lack of basic labor requirements energy and raw materials are additional reasons for the growth of unemployment rates. " 

Design Capacities
Al-Rawi said: "Public companies do not work at the best level of production of 40 percent of the design capacity of their plants, many of which stopped after 2014, as a result of the control of terrorism on large areas 
 of Iraq, especially after it was the main pillar of production, such as oil industries in Baiji and Mosul the fertilizer industry, sulfur and cement in the provinces of Anbar  
and Salah al - Din . "He added , " resulted in large displacements witnessed by the provinces which were the industrial base of small and medium-sized units that stopped by terrorism and the migration of workers conditions, resulting in increased unemployment, which constitutes the most important challenge to the community Aera And the inability of the state to 
 address them. " 

Development Strategy
"Despite these challenges, there is still the possibility of finding suitable jobs that are compatible with the educational and age levels of the unemployed workforce by re-energizing the economic sectors so that they can absorb the 
 unemployed," he said. 
Al-Rawi suggested the importance of "encouraging women's participation in economic activity by making decent employment an explicit objective of the national development strategy, developing institutional capacity to monitor labor market developments and proposing an appropriate policy response as well as adopting a macroeconomic framework that encourages domestic investment and enterprise development Medium and small labor-intensive industries, especially in the industrial and service sectors. " 

Skills Development 
"The need to promote the growth of small and medium enterprises by reforming the political and regulatory environment, providing microenterprise and microfinance services, encouraging youth entrepreneurship and encouraging women's economic empowerment," he said. "He said. 
He called for "reorienting projects to further the implementation of the available resources and facilitating investment steps in the development of skills and the development of an employment training system suited to the needs of the Iraqi labor market, in order to develop a diversified and competitive economy."

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