showed the cleric Moqtada al - Sadr on Thursday rejected any decision to come from outside the border, while noting that "all" partners are not princes , referring apparently to the leaders of the political blocs of winning the election. 

"Our decision is an Iraqi from inside the border and everyone is a partner to the princes as long as they are not occupiers of our country," Sadr said. 

"Both for occupation and for domination," he said
The Iranian newspaper Al-Sharq al-Awsat reported Wednesday that Iranian General Qassim Soleimani is in talks with Shiite leaders to form the largest bloc that will pave the way for the formation of the Iraqi government. 

The leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr said on Wednesday that Iraq isabout to form a government of technocrats, indicating that this government will be a door to the people's livelihood.