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The leader of the "Ahl al-Sunna" in Iran sends a message to Sadr


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The leader of the "Ahl al-Sunna" in Iran sends a message to Sadr

Post by rocky on Sun 27 May 2018, 2:53 am

The leader of the "Ahl al-Sunna" in Iran sends a message to Sadr

Sunday 27 May

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sent the leader of the "People of the Year" in Iran Molavi Abdul Hamid, a message to the leader of Sadr Muqtada al - Sadr congratulated him on the victory of a coalition "moving" in the elections, and invited him to form a national government and " the administration of justice and equality" without discrimination on the basis of doctrine and belief . 

"The victory of a coalition led by you who has emerged in the Iraqi political arena in new directions and programs is a golden opportunity for Iraq," said Zhi in his letter, which was published on his official website. "The emergence of extremist groups and violence and many of the crises in Iraq are rooted in politics Wrong. "

"The study of these problems indicates that many of these problems arose as a result of the misguided policies of the governments that led the country after the overthrow of the former regime. These governments sought to marginalize large sections of the Iraqi people based on differences," said Zahei, president of Dar Al Uloom University in Zahedan. National or sectarian or religious, and deprived them of their legitimate rights, and made them in despair and frustration. " 

He stressed "the need to pay attention to the origin of competencies in employment in Iraq," and expressed regret that "what is rumored today in the world that the Shiites and Sunnis do not bear each other and the loss of each other's rights, and we have to counter this propaganda through the implementation of justice and equality and the use of competencies without discrimination between children One people on the basis of doctrine and doctrine ".

"The worst governments are the ones who employ the doctrine rather than the efficiency, and the worse is to replace one tyrant with the other, and the best government is the popular government that respects the people and is beside them in distress and prosperity," he said. 

"We hope that you will establish an inclusive national government composed of nationalities, sects and religions in Iraq, especially Sunnis, so that all segments of the Iraqi people feel that they are partners in the future state of their country," he said. Who are in the government represent them really. " 

He also considered the leader of the year Iran, at the end of the message that "the unity of Iraq and its security in the application of justice and remove the distinctions," adding that "

The leader of the Sadrist movement, who won the first place in the results of the parliamentary elections, Moqtada al-Sadr, announced last Wednesday to complete the final touches of the government, and stressed that it is a genuine Iraqi government and opposition to constructive political political peace, he said, after a series of consultations Held in Baghdad with the leaders of the political blocs winning the elections.

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