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Suspicion of corruption "big" in the Iraq Stock Exchange


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Suspicion of corruption "big" in the Iraq Stock Exchange

Post by rocky on Sat 14 Dec 2013, 8:50 am

Suspicion of corruption "big" in the Iraq Stock Exchange

Friday 13 December 2013

Twilight News /'s deputy in the Iraqi parliament on Friday that there are doubts the existence of corruption "big" in the Iraqi market for securities, claim the concerned authorities to follow up their work.

The MP for the coalition, the Iraqi Free high Nassif responded in a statement for "Twilight News" that Baghdad market securities is far from government control since 2003.

It added that this may encourage violations and manipulation for stock prices in the stock market ups and downs, as well as the manipulation of the identities of the shareholders.

The Iraq Stock Exchange has started its activity in 2004 and shifted from manual trading to the use of electronic screens deal in 2009, and opened for trading two hours a day, five days a week.

Nassif said that there were doubts in the presence of corruption "big" in this market, which affects the investment sector and the important sectors in Iraq.

She pointed out that the market did not provide Khovath days and transparent mechanism of action for shareholders, and there is no information on the sources of capital and standards adopted by the ups and downs of the stock.

Nassif and confirmed the need to have a Baghdad marketplace for securities subject to the regulatory authorities, and to find a significant role for the government and the Integrity Commission and the Integrity Commission in follow-up work of this market.

The banking sector is the largest in the stock market, which also includes the shares of industrial companies, insurance companies, hotels and agricultural companies.

The total value of shares listed on the Stock Exchange about three billion dollars.

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