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Report: Washington is on the same path as the invasion of Iraq in confrontation with Iran


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Report: Washington is on the same path as the invasion of Iraq in confrontation with Iran

Post by rocky on Mon 09 Jul 2018, 2:48 am

Report: Washington is on the same path as the invasion of Iraq in confrontation with Iran

Monday 9 July 2018

crisis between the United States and Iran is heading towards a major escalation, especially after US President Donald Trump announced the withdrawal from the nuclear agreement, and in light of Iran's recent statements that the possibility of closing the Strait of Hormuz to international navigation. 

On July 5, the US National Interest magazine reported that the United States wasfollowing the same path it had taken to invade Iraq in the confrontation with Iran.
The conspiracy theory and deception played a major role in preparing for the invasion of Iraq in 2003, according to the magazine, which indicated that American politicians and the media played a major role in promoting the threat posed by former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein to the world, in a strategy known as "shock and horror." 

The magazine pointed out that the echoes of the voices that were preparing for the invasion of Iraq, before 2003, can be heard these days, especially when dealing with the crisis with Iran. 

Like the promotion of al-Qaeda in Iraq before its invasion, there are allegations of harboring al-Qaeda members after the September 11, 2001, attacks, according to the magazine, which noted that the allegations ignored Larijani's statement in one of his interviews: "Al Qaeda is the first enemy To Iran. " 

The road to Tehran

Perhaps Donald Trump may be following in the footsteps of former US President George W. Bush and decide to invade Tehran, according to a previous report by National Interest, which pointed to the presence of voices calling for a military campaign against Tehran, to change the regime, and that such efforts could lead to a major war Requires America to mobilize its forces in the region in huge numbers and equipment to confront the Iranian army in a comprehensive war. " 

Drop Baghdad 

In order for America to mobilize large military forces to confront Iran, it will need to fight another war to topple the regime in Baghdad, and the establishment of a system of government allows the use of its territory as a springboard for the invasion of Iran. 

war plan

The "hawks of war" in the US administration puts a plan to invade Iran that can be implemented in three steps according to the National Interest magazine, which indicated that the plan begins by talking about democratic opposition in Iran should be supported to form a democratic government. The Iranian people, which was stated by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who said that his country will not tire of defending the Iranian people, and that the Iranians must launch cries for revolution for freedom, and that the program providers should call Trump for the war for the freedom of Iranians " . 

the third step is to promote the home Eggs and policy advocates promoting the idea that the war on Iran will be completed at the lowest possible cost, and it will be more like a picnic for the US Army. 

Escalation of actual

The actual escalation between America and Iran began when US President Donald Trump announced his country's withdrawal from the nuclear deal with Iran and sanctions for what it saw as Iranian efforts to acquire nuclear weapons. 

Iran has rejected Trump's decision but has stuck to the nuclear deal, which has not been withdrawn by other signatories - China, Russia, France, Britain and Germany - but has offered its right to resume uranium enrichment if the signatories do not succeed in maintaining its provisions. Washington's withdrawal . 

War of statements 

Iranian Revolutionary Guards commander Maj. Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari threatened on Thursday that his forces are ready to close the Strait of Hormuz to international shipping after the US announced economic sanctions against Iran that would deprive it of exporting oil to the world.

The US Central Command responded to Iran's threats to close the Strait of Hormuz by confirming that it and its partners were providing security for the region and that the US Navy was ready to guarantee freedom of navigation and free trade flow in the Strait of Hormuz. 

has a huge missile arsenal that can target Washington's allies and military bases in the Middle East, as well as its ability to ignite a proxy war in many Middle Eastern countries to pressure Washington and threaten its presence in the region and its strategic interests.

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