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"The Journal News" is unique to reveal a "secret plan" for the popular crowd will surprise Washingto


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"The Journal News" is unique to reveal a "secret plan" for the popular crowd will surprise Washingto

Post by rocky on Wed 11 Jul 2018, 1:50 am

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"The Journal News" is unique to reveal a "secret plan" for the popular crowd will surprise Washington for this reason

On December 9, 2017, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced the full control of Iraqi forces on the Syrian-Iraqi border and the end of the war against the country's military "terrorist" organization, until the demands for disbanding and disarming the Popular Forces were raised within the international community, some of them local.
Washington and some Arab countries fear to strengthen Iran's influence in Iraq through the presence of the crowd. They believe that the crowd is affiliated with Iran, despite a law passed by the Iraqi parliament that considered the assembly a security system of the Iraqi armed forces.
Popular forces were formed after Da'ash took control of the city of Mosul and other areas in the provinces of Diyala, Salah al-Din and Kirkuk on June 10, 2014, following the advisory fatwa issued by the religious authority during the Friday sermon (June 13).
"The American position on the popular rally has been clear since the beginning of its formation, and we believe that the massive public support for the crowd will be a safety wall against these conspiracies. The position of the religious authority in Najaf," said deputy head of the popular crowd Moin al-Kazemi, told the Journal News. Supervisor of the crowd. "
"The crowd has developed a secret plan that can not be announced in order to maintain its presence in the next stage. It will surprise the United States if it persists in pursuing this aggressive policy against the popular mobilization forces," Kadhimi said. Did not succeed in that, and will not succeed the next government. "
US Air Force forces bombed a Popular Front for the Liberation of Iraq headquarters on the Iraqi-Syrian border last month, sparking a wave of anger and widespread threat from the leaders of the crowd to target the strategic areas of the United States in Iraq.
Al-Kadhmi said that "the mass of the opening supporting the popular crowd after winning the elections has become 60 seats in the next parliament, especially after the entry of a large number of deputies winning it, so it will be effective and will address any hostile attempt, whether from America or others aimed at the popular mobilization."
For his part, said strategist Ahmed White, "There are US conditions placed on Prime Minister Haider Abadi before the elections include codification role of the crowd and integration within the Iraqi armed forces," noting that "Washington targeted certain factions in the crowd, especially after the Congress to include some figures and factions within Terrorist list ".
"These American efforts are backed by Arab states represented by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and others, because these countries consider the mobilization of Iran's arm in Iraq to be similar to that of Hezbollah in Lebanon and the supporters of Allah in Yemen," White told the Journal News. The United States classifies the crowd into three categories. The first is affiliated to the religious authority, and this does not have any indications even if it is merged with the armed forces. The second is part of the volunteers and another of the peace brigades. They believe that the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr will work to solve this type of crowd especially after His recent decisions on freezing the work of the Serail And the delivery of weapons in the headquarters to the state. "
"Washington has a long-term strategy to implement the federal project, which was stipulated by the constitution to form three regions of the center and the south, in addition to the north, each region will have special forces under the name of the Guard," he said. Except the North Peshmerga ".
The political analyst Abbas al-Ardawi said that "Washington's plans to paralyze the movement of the crowd and reduce its role will respond to the popular and government rejection, because the crowd and what he has provided during the last period of a major role and support for the security forces in the liberation of the territory of the organization calling the terrorist."
"The American plans against the crowd are not new, but since the beginning of the government has begun to restructure the popular crowd, adapting its position, restricting its leadership and not giving its rights despite its approval in the previous budget, and other methods aimed at scaling up," al-Ardawi said in an interview with the Journal News. The role of the crowd in the coming period, "pointing out that" Washington and others will not be able to codify the role of the crowd or resolve because it has a law legislator in the Iraqi parliament.

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