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in Iran .. The rise of the dollar again and the threat of execution of traders


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in Iran .. The rise of the dollar again and the threat of execution of traders

Post by rocky on Fri 10 Aug 2018, 2:38 am

in Iran .. The rise of the dollar again and the threat of execution of traders[/size]

 Twilight News    

 2 hours ago

The prices of the dollar, other foreign currencies and gold have risen again in Iran as sanctions and the continued volatility of the new foreign exchange policy adopted by the Iranian government have started.
The US dollar on Thursday surpassed the 100,000 riyals (10,000 tomans) threshold again on the informal market.
According to Iranian media, the price of the US dollar rose on Thursday morning to about 106 thousand riyals, and after an hour fell to 105 thousand riyals.
The agency "ISNA" reported in a report, that the dollar exchange rate in the informal market was trading between 88000 riyals and 9,2600 riyals against the dollar.
The price of the gold coin is about 30 million riyals, but in the afternoon the dollar rose to about 97000 riyals while the gold coin reached 30 million and 450 thousand riyals.
New policy
Hassan Rowhani's government announced its new foreign exchange policy this week, aimed at reducing the riyal's collapse and the steady rise in foreign exchange rates.
A package of measures was also taken to limit the impact of sanctions, including the creation of a "secondary market" for currencies, which allowed free circulation of the dollar during the past two days to secure foreign currency for traders.
The government also promised to secure the dollar for Iranian importers of commodities at the official price of 43,000 riyals.
It also identified a list of commodities that will be blocked by the government dollar, which will be provided by the Central Bank, namely 25 commodities, including meat, vegetables, flour, eggs, oil, sugar, medicine and others.
Threat to execute traffickers
The prosecutor in Tehran has threatened traders who manipulate prices with prison terms ranging from 5 to 20 years or even execution if they sell their goods at a free price, even though the government provides them with a government price of 42,000 riyals.
In a statement to Mezan, Abbas Jafari told Agence France-Presse that 53 people had been arrested in connection with currency manipulation and mobile phone imports. Twelve people had been arrested in the car import case and 106 defendants had been prevented from leaving the country.
The arrests come after reports in recent months about corruption files in the import of mobile phones, cars and other goods.
Files corrupt
The head of the Iranian General Inspectorate said that hackers broke into the site to buy cars, and were able to introduce about 5 thousand expensive cars to the country illegally, and about 4,000 cars were officially registered and put into the market.
With regard to the mobile phone deal, Iranian Communications Minister Mohammad Jawad Azeri Jahrami said that "criminals" had been fined more than 43 billion tomans for selling phones at high prices.
For its part, quoted the agency "Tasnim" the head of the Basij organization Gholamhossein Gheb Parvar, that the Basij forces "revealed several warehouses for the monopoly of cars, rice and building materials, and some caches of storage of goods by monopolistic traders."
Gheb Parvar said the Basij was told to move around the country to identify the merchants who stockpiled and monopolized the goods.

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