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The most important events in the global markets during the past week


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The most important events in the global markets during the past week

Post by rocky on Sat 25 Aug 2018, 2:46 am

The most important events in the global markets during the past week

 25 August 2018 08:30 p

Mubasher: The situation in the United States topped the interest of investors in global markets last week, after statements by President Donald Trump and the Fed.
Trump again slammed the Fed for raising interest rates, as Bank President Jerome Powell reiterated his expectations for a continued policy of gradually increasing interest rates in the coming period.
Negotiations between the United States and China failed to reach a settlement on trade disputes, while reciprocal tariffs between the two sides came into force during the week.
" Standrd.ond.borz" cut the credit rating of Turkey with the expectations of economic contraction
Standard & Poor's downgraded Turkey's credit rating, predicting the economy will contract next year .
Venezuela raises minimum wage by 3000% before canceling "currency zeros"
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has decided to raise the minimum wage for the fifth time since the beginning of this year, a step ahead of the decision to cancel 5 zeros from the local currency .
Iran: "Total" French leave the work of the field, "Pars" officially
The Iranian oil minister said France's Total had officially left Tehran in a move to track the US threat of sanctions against companies operating in the country .
After 9 years of austerity .. Greece ends the era of foreign aid
Greece has succeeded in ending the third bailout program, which lasted for three years, in a move meant to get rid of foreign aid after austerity experienced by the country for 9 years .
Venezuela issues a new currency that cancels 5 zeros of the "Bolivar"
Venezuela has announced the release of a new currency that will cancel 5 zeros from its local currency, the Bolivar, in a bid to rein in inflation in the country .
Trump attacks the Fed again and criticizes high interest rates
US President Donald Trump has attacked US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell again and accused China of manipulating the value of its domestic currency .
The largest sovereign wealth fund wins $ 19 billion in the second quarter
Norway's sovereign wealth fund managed to achieve a 1.8% return in the second quarter of this year.
Washington imposes new tariffs on imports from Turkey and China
The US Department of Commerce said it had taken initial action to apply tariffs on certain products from six countries, including China and Turkey .
US oil production reverts to the highest level in its history
 US oil production rose for the second week in a row, returning to the highest level ever .
Federal Reserve backs rate hike "soon"
The Federal Reserve said it supported a rate hike in September with strong US economic growth .
Trump warns: the collapse of the US stock market if I am legally accountable
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - US President Donald Trump warned of the consequences of possible charges, pointing out that the most prominent of them would be the stock market collapse in the United States .
US economic activity fell to a four-month low
US private economic activity fell this month as manufacturing and services fell .
World Bank Launches First Bond Through "Blocin" Technology
The World Bank has priced the world's first public bonds, created and managed through blockbuster technology, in a deal worth A $ 100 million ($ 73.16 million) to test how technology can improve bond selling practices .
US stocks record the longest wave of gains in history
Wall Street posted the longest market rally in US history on Wednesday .
US-China trade talks end without progress
US and Chinese officials have ended two days of trade talks without a breakthrough in the growing trade dispute between the two countries .
US banks record record profits of more than $ 60 billion in the second quarter
US banks posted a record record of more than $ 60 billion in profits in the second quarter of this year .
Report: Facebook, Twitter and Alfabit meet to discuss the prevention of interference in the elections
A report that representatives of some of the largest US technology companies, "Facebook", "Alfabit", "Twitter" and "Microsoft" will meet today; to discuss plans for the preparation of the midterm elections in the United States .
Fed Chairman: No worries about accelerating US inflation
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell predicted a steady rise in US interest rates in the coming period, as concern over inflation accelerated .

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