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rich European country wants 400,000 immigrants a year


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rich European country wants 400,000 immigrants a year

Post by rocky on Mon 10 Sep 2018, 2:48 am

rich European country wants 400,000 immigrants a year[/size]

 Twilight News    

 3 hours ago

Despite calls to tackle the influx of immigrants, especially from far-right parties, experts in the country's largest European economy have called for more immigrants to be attracted, warning that the country desperately needs them. 
The Institute for Employment Research (IAB) said Germany needs at least 400,000 people to come and work every year to maintain its competitiveness. 
A research conducted by the Cologne Institute for Economic Research suggests that the shortage of skilled workers means that companies will not be able to operate at full production capacity, which would hinder the economy by 30 billion euros ($ 35 billion) a year. 
The policy of the "open door" of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, which has allowed the reception of more than one million asylum seekers since 2015, was sharply criticized, and led to the "recovery" parties of the extreme right.
The new data puts further pressure on Merkel, who must work to strike a balance between receiving more refugees and migrants to support the economy and dealing with criticism and immigration concerns. 
"It may take up to 6 months for non-EU staff to get visas, which has negative effects on hiring," said Michael Biltman, who runs a technology company employing programmers from Bangladesh and the Middle East who have not yet received permanent residence in Germany. "He said. 
To deal with this situation, Interior Minister Horst Siehofer, who recently said migration is "the mother of all problems," is finalizing a law aimed at helping skilled workers come to Germany while controlling the flow of low-skilled people who may seek To exploit the welfare system in the country.
The situation of refugees and immigrants may be linked to the law. The German Social Democratic Party has called for refugees to be allowed to change their refugee status if they find a job, but Merkel has rejected the proposal, potentially leading to a possible confrontation between one of the country's oldest political parties and the German chancellor. 
The final immigration bill is supposed to be submitted during the autumn, according to the Bloomberg website.


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