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Al-Jaafari told Trump: Iraqis protect their guests and our land will not be the arena for internatio


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Al-Jaafari told Trump: Iraqis protect their guests and our land will not be the arena for internatio

Post by rocky on Thu 13 Sep 2018, 6:44 am

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Al-Jaafari told Trump: Iraqis protect their guests and our land will not be the arena for international conflict

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Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari said on Thursday that Iraqis have values ​​and protect citizens living on their land of all nationalities without exception, stressing that Iraqi territory should not be allowed to become a battlefield for regional or international wills.

"We hope that the Arab Summit at the level of the Arab foreign ministers will be a successful step on the path to achieving glory and integration," said Jaafari at a news conference in Cairo on the sidelines of the 150th session of the League of Arab States Ministerial Council. With its location, which is commensurate with the fate of the Arab nation, and does not remain the same. " 

Asked about the delay in the formation of the new government and the extent to which the regional and international parties influence the formation of the new government, Jaafari said, "All the experiences in the previous sessions took time, and so far we have not exceeded the dates and at the same time the tax of democracy and consultation between the blocs concerned to form the largest bloc."

"The nature of political diversity in Iraq requires that we give them the time and effort to form a government on the basis of harmony, especially in the mothers of the demands, and does not come stumbling in the first way, so far I do not think we have exceeded the time." 

"I did not intend to raise this or that state, but I quoted a Koranic verse and I referred to Yemen, and no one is supposed to be affected," he said. 

"When I (the head of the Saudi delegation) commented, I was outside the hall. After all, I did not want to dare him. I did not know exactly what he was talking about, but I heard that he was criticized. I checked my criticism with a specific paragraph. : Who has something now shows him. "

As for the Iranian intervention in Iraq, especially the bombing, Al-Jaafari said: "We reject this, as we had previously rejected Turkey when it invaded the Iraqi border and entered 110 kilometers to the Baishika area. 

As for the date of Iraq's return to the influential Arab role commensurate with its size, and the form of relations with the next government, Jaafari said, "Iraq is strong in its history of civilization with its multiple resources of its diverse people in harmony with the overall components of this people." 

"The logic of the armies is an exceptional logic that can be used when the country is attacked," he said. "Iraq does not establish its philosophy in the country on the basis of the army and the military forces. The strength of Iraq derives from its cultural values ​​and social structure."

"Iraq's strength in its security in its civilization and its culture is characterized by Iraq as having platforms, cultural and cultural traditions that enable it to dialogue with each other, all good in the womb of dialogue, and the mercy of culture," Jaafari said. 

He pointed out that "the strength of Iraq is not in the fact that we are the third army; countries that have been strong in their armies have been pestered to their countries, and to the countries of the world; because they spoke the logic of the gun, and we speak the logic of the pen." 

On the Iraqi-Egyptian relations, al-Jaafari noted that "there is an expansion in the economic side and an exchange of economic interests between us. We hope that the pace will increase further, as well as tourism and the frequency of the Iraqi delegations to Egypt." Yesterday we talked with Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri The number, and facilitate the process of granting a visa, but we asked them to lift the visa on diplomatic passports and service. "

"We are in the process of overcoming the obstacles so that we can create the greatest opportunity for citizens from both countries to visit the other country," Jaafari said. 

On the relationship between Baghdad and Erbil, nearly a year after the referendum on secession, Jaafari said, "The relationship was good and still has some hesitation when the local Kurdish leadership demanded a referendum that could lead to secession from Iraq. This violates the constitution, That Iraq is a sovereign state united in its land, and its people, and everything. " 

He added: "I am thankful for the Arab consensus that stood by us in the matter of reservation to the referendum, and stood with us all the world in the same direction, and we do not reduce the Kurdish people by a certain political step."

"Iraq has security forces on the ground and has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that while many countries of the world have failed to defeat, our forces have been defeated," Jaafari said. Bada'sh. " 

"We do not need to defend our security, and we promise any attack on any citizen on our land an attack on the Iraqi itself. Therefore, the Trump administration must know that the Iraqis have values ​​and protect citizens living on their land from all countries without exception, without collusion with anyone, There is no fear of anyone. "

"We are protecting the citizens of countries that we allow to open embassies or consulates, we protect the US embassy from any aggression, and when the Iranian Consulate came under attack from some of the suspects, we said the same answer," Jaafari said. 

"If we find that this country or this citizen or this ambassador or this consul is unsatisfactory, we tell him frankly, and we do not allow anyone to interfere in our affairs and if there are problems between countries, we do not interfere, we do not want to make Iraq a square Regional and international will at the expense of our sovereignty, our citizens and our guests even from their own countries. "

As for the Arab and Western countries that have declared their stand with Iraq in the field of reconstruction, he said: "At the Kuwait conference, it was announced that $ 30 billion has been allocated for reconstruction and construction. Yes, it is a predecessor, but it itself bore the expression of a very wonderful international crowd. , Experience, and armed forces; this is a very impressive moral support. " 

Iraq is a rich and resource-rich country but it is going through an exceptional circumstance because of the deterioration of the currency and the fall in oil prices in the global market, and the cost of war on a booming one, causing the budget to fall. " 

On the government role in the Basra crisis, Jaafari said "

"We do not limit Basra to some practices that its people refuse to burn, or - God forbid - to attack some of the characters, but the demands of the public demands legitimate, and we are with the people of Basra." 

He pointed out that Abadi "visited Basra, and stopped some of the files demanded by the Basrioun, and promised to solve," wishing that "all these demands are realized, and I think that the rest of the provinces that have expressed dissatisfaction with some aspects of corruption must be addressed by natural response." 

"The water war will play an important role in changing the map of the world," he said. "The Nile is not Egyptian upstream. It is an Egyptian, and the Tigris is not an Iraqi upstream, but an Iraqi who crosses the border."

"So I appealed at the meeting that Iraq has not taken its water quotas, and the Arab countries should stand by us and demand that Turkey give Iraq its right, but the Arab League did not take a decision on this," he said. 

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