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Cabinet issues 9 new resolutions on Basra


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Cabinet issues 9 new resolutions on Basra

Post by rocky on Thu 13 Sep 2018, 10:26 am

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2018/09/13 18:12

(Encyclopedia of this day , news | [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] ) -

05:49 - 13/09/2018


- Moazin News The Cabinet,

Thursday, 9 new resolutions on the province of Basra, because of the humanitarian crisis after the rise

Salinity and water pollution and an increase in the number of people infected by pollution

The ministers, in a statement received / Mawazine News / a copy, that "an update of the decisions issued by the Council of Ministers

On securing the main requirements of the areas of Basra province, and the resolution presented by the Prime Minister

During the session of the House of Representatives on 8/9/2018, Abadi visited Basra province on Monday

10/9/2018 and was accompanied by members of the Provincial Reconstruction and Services Committee and a number of agents

And advisers and directors-general from various quarters. "The statement added that" the delegation held an important meeting with the governor

Basra and the head of the provincial council, has visited the field of collecting and pumping raw water for the city of Basra

(RO) also held a meeting with a number of the elders of the province and listened to their demands. "

Abadi, "respect for all that arises from the concerns of citizens and their needs," indicating

"The approach of constructive dialogue is a civilized way to achieve the desired progress, and the government

Underlines its commitment to all problems posed to find appropriate solutions to them. "

"Rehabilitation has been approved

Plant assembly and pumping of raw water (RO) through, purchase and erection

At least 20 pump, and take over the county insurance of it, the necessary funds are funded immediately,

In addition to assigning Al-Faris / Ministry of Industry and Minerals to manufacture nets to isolate the herbs

Plants (sugar) are spread on three sites / path of the innovation channel, entrance tanks, near the drives, and the necessary amount is funded immediately

To be implemented by a modern mechanism. "The Council decided, according to

Statement, "assignment

Al-Faris / Ministry of Industry and Minerals to rehabilitate and maintain the combined units for water purification

In the station to invest the available spare materials to maintain the project, and to secure the amount of maintenance

Immediately "and agreed,

To "increase the grant allocated to the employees of the station to cover the extra hours and feeding

For those working at the site mentioned by the staff of the Water Department and the Department of Water Resources,

Directed "to take the Ministry of Oil with the support of international oil companies operating in Basra maintenance

And rehabilitation of the stations of Barkat and Shatt al-Arab and Abu al-Khasib and the addition of desalination units. "And instructed," to mandate the province of Basra to replace 30 km of

Section of the channel of innovation, followed by 50 km pipe conveyor with the main pumping units contracted by the Ministry

Water resources or the Ministry of Oil to implement it, commissioning

Companies of the Ministry of Industry implemented a line of water carrier from North Qurna to the Shatt al-Arab district, in addition to "the maintenance and maintenance of the province

Lines from the main station to the stations of liquidation in the city, in addition to the extension of the link line

From the Sports City Station and connected to the distribution network with a length of 4 km. "Among the decisions

Also, "work

To secure a sewerage line or rehabilitate the existing ones, and take over the team formed by the head

Cabinet headed by the head of the coordinating advisers and joint work with the local government to ensure

Direct and immediate implementation of the above, and drafting technical details in cooperation with the authorities

"He said

That the province of Basra, has been facing since 2007 to repeat the problem of salinity and high rates in the Shatt al-Arab,

Because of the dumping by Iran of the water of the highly salty peat in the Shatt al-Arab

The local government, earlier, of the outbreak of diseases and epidemics in Basra, considering them

"A disaster zone."

The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, on Wednesday, registered 60 thousand cases of poisoning due to water pollution in

Governorate of Basra

Note: The content entitled (the Council of Ministers issues 9 new resolutions on Basrah) published first on the site (Mawazin) and does not bear the Encyclopedia of this day news content in any way. 
You can see the details of this address (the Council of Ministers issues 9 new decisions on Basrah) through its original source any location (Mawazine).

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