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The Times: The days of Muhammad bin Salman is numbered


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The Times: The days of Muhammad bin Salman is numbered

Post by rocky on Fri 14 Sep 2018, 2:03 am

The Times: The days of Muhammad bin Salman is numbered

Prince of Saudi Arabia's days are numbered: the hopes of Prince Mohammed bin Salman as a healer heal the wounds of the region result in nothing, "she said in an article by Michael Barley . 

Barley says the media hype came first, with millions being wasted on public relations firms and lobbyists to promote Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's international tour last March, seen as a strong Saudi man despite his 32-year-old son.

"After six months, the prospect of his ascendancy seems less certain. Even his father, King Salman bin Abdul Aziz, is beginning to show doubts about it," Burley said. 

"The gap between the media hype about the crown prince and his reality is very clear," he says. "Do you remember the high-tech city of Newum, which the Saudi Crown Prince was seeking to build?" He says that the project, which has been allocated a budget of $ 80 billion, The reform of the Saudi economy, according to Prince Mohammed bin Salman, "Vision 2030", depends on the floating of 5 percent of Aramco, the state-owned oil and gas company. "

Prince Salman's initiatives have "damaged foreign policy in Saudi Arabia. The war in neighboring Yemen , which has entered its third year, is a quagmire of the Crown Prince," says Barley . According to the Brookings Research Foundation in America, the war in Yemen costs between $ 5 billion to $ 6 billion a month, killing 10,000 people, while 8.5 million people are starving. 

Barley also believes that the Saudi Crown Prince's attempt to isolate Qatar for its alleged role in supporting terrorism has also failed. But led to the destruction of the Gulf Cooperation Council in favor of a duo of Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Barley says few of the Crown Prince's claims of modernization remain, as Saudi Shiites continue to be suppressed in the eastern province of the country. He added that women's access to leadership was widely promoted, but in contrast 13 Saudi women activists were arrested for looking for other forms of freedom and limiting male guardianship.

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