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Calm controls Iraq amid anticipation of a “decisive session” Friday


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Calm controls Iraq amid anticipation of a “decisive session” Friday

Post by rocky on Fri 14 Sep 2018, 2:15 am

Calm controls Iraq amid anticipation of a “decisive session” Friday

Iraqi Parliament / Baghdad Nahal Kabbani >>> There is a state of cautious calm in Iraq, at a time when the debate on the legitimacy of the Iraqi parliament session on Friday, headed by the oldest members, pending the resolution of the blocs names of candidates for the three presidencies.
A crucial session: And announced the oldest President of the Iraqi parliament, Muhammad Ali Zinni that the meeting will be crucial in the selection of candidates for the presidency of the Council after the agreement reached with representatives of the blocs on the subject.
He said in a press statement that “the political blocs concerned with the selection of candidates for the Presidency of the Parliament in order to begin to resolve the positions of the President and the Prime Minister because the general situation in the country does not tolerate escalation, especially with the unrest in Basra .”
The Sunni House on the choice of the Speaker of the Parliament reached its final stages in resolving the names of its candidates, at a time when the vision of the Supreme Shiite Leader Ayatollah Ali Al-Sistani on the choice of candidate for the presidency of the next government itself within the Shiite house by excluding some of the top potential candidates for the post, including the current Prime Minister Haider Abadi Who is the favorite for a second term.
The nine candidates for the presidency of the parliament, the number of 9 during the past two days to a comprehensive review between the political blocs, both within the alliance of Sunni forces or with partners of the Shiites and Kurds, reducing the chances of many of them to win the post.
The head of the tooth is forced to continue
The legal expert Ahmed al-Abbadi said in a statement to the “Middle East” on the debate on the constitutionality of the parliament session on Friday, to choose a Sunni president and a Shiite deputy and a second deputy Kurdish, “The head of the age is forced to continue to preside over the meetings in the absence of consensus between the political blocs that Bear the constitutional breach “.
He added that “the winning blocs are not committed to the contexts and timing of the constitutional ruling on the election of presidencies, starting from the original president of the parliament and two deputies and then open the nomination for the election of the President of the Republic and the Declaration of the Great Bloc,” explaining that the President of the old takes up his work in light of Articles 54 and 55 of the Constitution.
Khalidi said in a press statement yesterday, according to what was announced by the MP for “Baiarq good” Mohammed Khalidi, one of the nine candidates for the presidency of the parliament, today will be crucial on the consensus to choose the name of the new president, “The meetings and negotiations between the Sunni blocs have not reached a result yet, They have shares in terms of votes. “
The most likely candidate: “We are expected to reach either in the Sunni house or in agreement with other Shiite and Kurdish partners to agree on the candidate for prime minister,” said MP Mohammad al-Halbusi, who is the most likely candidate in parliament.He added that “the order of the presidency of the parliament will be resolved during Saturday’s session.”He considered that “all indications are in favor of my candidacy of a near-complete consensus, whether inside the Sunni house or the national space.”
The head of the “victory coalition” in the province of Nineveh, former defense minister Khaled al-Obeidi, one of the nine candidates for the presidency of the parliament, the political community meeting with the leader of the “alliance decision” Osama Najafi, one of the strong candidates for the position, and the achievement of consensus between them, On the way to a third competitor.
Political files on the table Nujaifi and Obeidi
“Nujaifi and al-Obeidi discussed the political files and the displaced and the reconstruction of the liberated cities in the presence of a group of leaders and politicians led by Saleh al-Mutlaq,” the statement said after the meeting, noting that they “agreed on the importance of concerted efforts to encourage Arab and international investment companies to contribute to the reconstruction of liberated cities, “He said.
Nujaifi, according to the statement, “the steadfast national positions and the perseverance of Obaidi,” and wished him “more success in his endeavors to provide the necessary service and assistance for all the people of Iraq.”
For his part, Obeidi praised the “good efforts and the spirit of Iraq, which is characterized by Nujaifi,” asserting “the convergence of views on current issues and competition Sharif in terms of running for the leadership of the House of Representatives in the next phase.”
Obeidi said that “any loyal national figure will lead the parliament will win the country and will find all the support of national benefactors, contrary to whether the presidential platform is one of the institutions of corruption industry, which are waiting for opportunities to harm the interest of the people and the homeland.”

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