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Al-Hanal: Iraqi Private Banks Association continues to support the media


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Al-Hanal: Iraqi Private Banks Association continues to support the media

Post by rocky on Wed 10 Oct 2018, 6:27 am

Al-Hanal: Iraqi Private Banks Association continues to support the media

The head of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks, Wadih al-Hanal, said Wednesday that the Association of Private Banks is continuing to support the media and to create journalists working in the field of economic media.
Al-Hantal said in his speech at the conference of the first international scientific conference held by the Faculty of Information under the title (the other in communication output), and attended by "Economy News", "There is no doubt that the media has a significant impact on the building of societies, through his role in creating public opinion and influence, Which is addressed and revealed by issues in various fields, and this is becoming more important in developed countries as well as in countries that seek to develop their democratic structure and establish the foundations of citizenship and human rights principles .
He added: "Perhaps this importance is reflected in the title of your first international scientific conference, which is held under the title (the other in the communication product), which will involve the axes and research findings that contribute to dealing with the crisis dealing with each other in all its names, to come out with scientific recommendations and professional sound rules of dealing with this phenomenon , And to reduce their negative effects on society and the state . "
"We are betting on the role of the media in fighting corruption and corrupt people who harmed the country and the people, and the implementation of good governance, but by allowing the private sector to take its role in development, construction and investment, which will absorb unemployment and create the required jobs and achieve sound and comprehensive economic development."
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He stressed, "What is important here is to consolidate and strengthen the foundations of the strategic partnership between the Association of Iraqi private banks and the College of Information, which was the fruit of the course of economic information, which we established in cooperation with the College for graduates of previous years, to prepare journalists familiar with the economy and finance and the banking sector, The private banks to work on the definition of the activities of these banks and their services to the community and the achievement of financial inclusion, under the direct guidance of the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq gratefully, and the College will play an important role in the forum of the second economic information to be established by the Association, The possibility of holding a second round of economic information and other tasks and projects we will do jointly in the future..
He pointed out that "the Association of Iraqi private banks as one of the institutions of civil society and one of the pillars of the private sector, started since its inception to follow developments that affect the success of banking work in Iraq in general, and succeeded in the years of its short life in the establishment of hundreds of training courses, Also established in coordination with the Union of Arab banks, many specialized courses in Baghdad and Beirut under the supervision of his professors and Arab and foreign experts.
He stressed that "the Association of Iraqi private banks launched the program" Tamkeen "to rehabilitate young people and find jobs for them, and ensured coordination with the Central Bank of Iraq to support the Iraqi drama and the holding of two large ceremonies on the occasion of World Peace Day in Baghdad and Paris, as well as support the displaced side by side with the campaign of our people that Led by the musician Dr. Nasir Shamma, and the Association has succeeded in strengthening the relationship with the International Monetary Fund to meet the economic challenges experienced by Iraq .
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He pointed out that the Association of Private Banks contributed with the support of the Central Bank of Iraq in the establishment of the Fund for Community Initiatives funded by the Iraqi private banks, which played a major role in the support of humanitarian, civilizational, social and artistic projects, including the "Baghdad Project" project of the development and rehabilitation of twenty yard Baghdadiya The task of an amount of more than eight billion Iraqi dinars, and opened eleven of them will be successively opening the rest of them to give the touches of urban and aesthetic, recreational and tourist on our beloved Baghdad . "
"We call upon the Municipality of Baghdad, the concerned municipal departments and the citizens to call on the Municipality to respect the beauty, cleanliness and permanence of work in these areas and its components from fountains and infrastructure, and to protect them from tampering, vandalism and neglect," he said .
He concluded by saying, "We hope that this conference, which will be held in a difficult and delicate stage, will achieve its objectives of devoting the letter of love, tolerance, fraternity and peace, and renouncing the discourse of hatred, exclusion and marginalization, to contribute to building and advancing the new Iraq on the basis of freedom, .
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