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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Of Iraq under the current sensitive phase


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Of Iraq under the current sensitive phase

Post by rocky on Thu 11 Oct 2018, 3:23 am

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Of Iraq under the current sensitive stage 
Abdul Khaliq al-Falah

The current stage of darkness and many contradictions, which lead us to the statement that the political and cultural space and the national media must be open to all variations of the homeland, so that all these variations enrich and develop away from the monotonous monopolistic mentality, which monopolize these spaces for the sake of thought or vision It is part of the homeland and not the entire nation. If political justice is absent, political tyranny prevails, and manifestations of exclusion and marginalization emerge, the statement of citizenship here will in essence be camouflaged for this reality and deceit for the sons of the nation and society. And the forces involved in the political process is still hovering around the entrenched in the formation of the government entrusted to Dr. Adel Abdul Mahdi, despite all the slogans that were launched during the election campaign as if Iraq had separated them alone.
In the Iraqi street today many of the forces and parties and factions rich in headlines, great wishes, and long ambitions, which they brag, and raise their voices when mentioned, the loss of real leadership and blind vision in dealing with the work as if the seat of responsibility is only for them without others as if the Iraqi mother did not give birth only They live in their dreams, and the tragedies of their people push them to go through a series of abstract scenarios to deceive the people, even if they knew they were lying, not telling truth, deceiving citizens and humiliating them, or they were unable and unable to achieve what they call, The slogans are bigger than they are, and they can not achieve them themselves, because of the forces that prevent them, or the circumstances that prevent them from achieving them, or because their interests are incompatible with their achievement, and collapse in front of them, and do not agree with them, as if their association in the opposite, and survival in the impossibility to achieve. Consequences. To the leader of the work nobility of ethics, and improves the reunification of the unified lost and disabled and brings together the ripped and says the character known sound, which speaks of the responsibility of not wearing a uniform, and stands at every question mark and every word he says and every work wants to do without Ttibl and Tzmir media to mix the papers and disrupt the process of construction, And away from the distortion and the blind self that mourns society. The moral leadership should be launched according to this concept and move under it and allow public monitoring after it in a transparent manner that is responsible for the official, not the party or the bloc, which is not a commercial deal, as some politicians think today and deal with it is running the country in a color and a clear essence.
There is no doubt that the masses today are watching the political process parties and individuals to know the reality of each and uncover the factors of falsity and success because the stage of patience and the experience of selecting the elements of the national and sincerity and keenness to complete projects that see the interest of the country and to build Iraq and its future and who is thinking of its own interests and support for subversion elements And the division of the homeland and a serious national position and to review and diagnose the performance of these politicians and choose the best option for the future and the citizen think he was afraid of him and keen to achieve his ambitions to run the country that has come or else will pay the price of his choice in the choice of feel the homeland and citizenship and therefore He understands that the road to safety in choosing the right is his next goal and leaning on him. He will not surrender his mind to all those who bear it, because this will push him to the abyss and the loss. He forgets that the stage that has passed through Iraq over the past years has revealed the falsity of many of the participants in the political process. Of evaluation due to procrastination and pitfalls And the crises and disagreements manufactured by the wheel of the march and in non-civilized ways, but never entered the country in the cycle of holidays and stopped movement everything in it with regret not to reach a formula satisfactory to all parties and the narrow and regional view and partisan interests on citizenship and poison in the honey and this phenomenon is serious and negative wanted some The blocks exploited to pressure the governments that ran the country and the loss of the right of the citizen in general. They must respect the rights of the people and respect their will set by the constitution and all the constitutional institutions and any negativity Oncad should be left aside and act in accordance with the law. It is characteristic of the leader to introduce the act, not just speech, and a confident and strong personality able to speak and then act, it increases the development of his work, not to work alone and selfish, but must be distributed to the various work on the group, and everyone must do the work And many of the members of Iraqi society have reached the point of despair and reached the stage of indifference to come here the role of the leader in pushing forward and change the negative thoughts that revolve in his mind to the positive and productive of activity and vitality and love Work and brother Iss for his people,
The masses have to assess the current situation and realize that there is a big conspiracy against Iraq and the Iraqis in which some of those involved in the political process are targeting all of its entity by overthrowing the constitution and the government and going back and the first losers are the nation is now in distress and under the tent of injustice and suffering and need to study how to salvation Of this trap in the next stage and it has to identify its enemies and rejected the official drab and illusory in the shadow of darkness tampering and plundering without account and vandalized and practiced and covers the scourge and spoilers, corruption unprecedented in history, the community now demands to address the negative and to stand against the steps T real and not to succumb to the darkness and slavery once again , whatever the sacrifices ... 
Abdul Khaliq Falah - and a media writer

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