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world wide interest in the elections of semi-renewal and eyes on Trump


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 world wide interest in the elections of semi-renewal and eyes on Trump Empty world wide interest in the elections of semi-renewal and eyes on Trump

Post by rocky on Tue 06 Nov 2018, 2:25 am

world wide interest in the elections of semi-renewal and eyes on Trump[/size]
 world wide interest in the elections of semi-renewal and eyes on Trump 1-1197170

 Twilight News    

 3 hours ago

US voters cast their ballots in the US midterm elections, renewing part of the members of the US Congress and governors. Under normal circumstances, the midterm elections of the US Congress do not receive the attention of the world, which is usually accused of the results of the presidential election.

But parliamentary elections, in which US citizens will choose Tuesday, all members of the House of Representatives and one-third of the senators appear to be receiving considerable international attention this time, with the exception of one country.
International attention to these elections can be largely attributed to the administration of President Donald Trump, which is different from the previous administrations, with its conflicts and concerns.
In a report, CNN reported that the world was watching the US parliamentary elections as a referendum on Trump's performance and a sign of populist growth internationally.
She pointed to a third reason, the American democracy model, which Washington's allies feel has lost its appeal, and the Chinese use it to promote their political system as an alternative.
Decisive elections for Europeans
London-based political researcher Leslie Vingamori says she receives daily questions about elections differently from previous elections, according to US National Radio (NPR).
The researcher, who works at London's prestigious Chatham House Institute, said British private sector employees were very interested in the election.
Attention to the election also applies to many European countries, fueling fears that Trump may turn his back on NATO.
Many Europeans want US voters to return at least the House of Representatives to the Democrats, in an attempt to curb Trump's power.
The former British diplomat, Ian Bond, says the political circles in London consider it more than an election, as it is a critical indicator of the direction of the United States.
He said if Republicans achieved positive results, Trump was not a "passing phase", meaning Washington was in a position not to help Europe in the event of a crisis.
Chinese coup
China was ahead of the 2016 US presidential election, preferring Trump to win over Democratic rival Hillary Clinton as the latter was a harsh critic of China's human rights record.
Chinese officials believed Trump with the entrepreneur's mentality could negotiate with him and be easily appeased, but he was disappointed. Earlier in 2018, he launched a trade war against Beijing and imposed customs duties of up to $ 250 billion on its goods.
Thus, there has been a coup in the Chinese position, which wants a strong performance of the Democrats in the elections and a blow to Trump.
In a report published in Hong Kong's South China Morning Post, Chinese scholar Aanson A said that if Democrats won strong results in the election, Trump would have to "soften" his position and adopt a more moderate approach, Impose its policies.
Washington's allies feel that the model of American democracy has been attractive at a time when the Chinese are trying to use it to promote its political system as an alternative in both developing and developed countries.
"The political model looks good in the face of the world, so China's demands for a new paradigm in political systems must be taken into consideration," said Stephen Hadley, a US national security adviser in the administration of former president George W. Bush.
India is different
In contrast to the rest of the world, India seems less interested in mid-term elections in the United States than in the past years.
"In the past, there was a great deal of interest in the mid-term elections by New Delhi because of legislation that has direct implications for India," said Drva Jaisankar, an Indian political scholar. "Most of the major issues between the two allies do not support these elections, American National "NPR".
The issues in the New Delhi-Washington relationship include steel tariffs, sanctions against Iran, sanctions on countries buying arms from Russia and immigration visas, issues that rely more on executive authorities in the United States than on Congressional legislatures.

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