Working on the governance of joint stock companies and the separation of capital from executive management, the Iraqi Securities Commission, during its conference held in cooperation with the International Monetary Fund and the IFC, believes that they will achieve positive results in attracting investors. 

"We believe in the importance of governance as a regulatory framework that works on the institutional work within the joint stock companies, leading to investment and business development," said Alaa Abdul Hussein Al Saadi, head of the Iraqi Securities Commission.

Not only that, but the conference saw a road map for the future of the financial and economic policies in Iraq , according to participants. "A broad outline and road map for the future of fiscal and economic policy in Iraq must be drawn up 

," said Abdul Rahman al- Shaikhli, a banking adviser. 

The Securities Commission is working to complete the file of Iraq to join the International Securities Authorities Organization to promote investment in Iraq, which reflects positively on the overall national economy. 

You can view the report on the video above.