A member of the oil and energy parliamentary committee Uday Awad on Thursday closed the 172 illegal refinery in northern Iraq, confirming that the proceeds continue to detect corruption and spoilers. 

In a statement received by Alsumaria News, Awad said that "the most important duties of the MP is to monitor and detect corruption in all joints of the state," noting "as we promised the wise reference and our people Saber expose the corrupt and bring them to justice, was the first of our rounds caused the closure of 172 illegal refinery."

He added that "the closure of 172 illegal refinery in the north is the first step to our victories on corruption and spoilers, after exposing the files of stealing the oil of the north," pointing out that "the refineries that were closed were producing products that do not meet the specifications of Iraq." 

Awwad said that "these refineries were among the corruption deals of Car and Qian, which revealed the files of corruption," pointing out that "our prayers against corruption and spoilers continue and still at the beginning of the road."