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Spain accuses CIA of orchestrating attack on North Korean embassy in Madrid


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Spain accuses CIA of orchestrating attack on North Korean embassy in Madrid Empty Spain accuses CIA of orchestrating attack on North Korean embassy in Madrid

Post by rocky on Fri 15 Mar 2019, 2:05 am

Spain accuses CIA of orchestrating attack on North Korean embassy in Madrid

20:44 - 14/03/2019

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Information / follow up
Media reports revealed that Spanish security services investigating the violent attack on the North Korean embassy in Madrid recently suspected that the US and South Korean intelligence were involved.
The Spanish newspaper El Pais reported that Spanish security forces identified 10 masked armed men who stormed the North Korean embassy on February 22 and beat and interrogated eight people who were on the grounds of the Pyongyang embassy in Madrid, including staff and students from North Korea.
Investigators ruled out the hypothesis that the "mysterious attack" was carried out by ordinary criminals, because the operation was precise and targeted by evidence that they did not steal valuables, but seized files recorded in electronic devices and mobile phones only.
The attack on the embassy was carried out in a violent manner. The attackers placed plastic bags on the heads of the eight victims, tied their hands and beat them and held them hostage inside the embassy for two hours.
One of the detainees inside the embassy was able to escape through a window on the second floor of the embassy building, and a student called out for help. A man living in a neighboring house heard her scream and called the police. The attackers immediately left the embassy on two vehicles belonging to the North Korean diplomatic mission and left them on a nearby street.
Police confirmed that two of the attackers were seriously injured and called for their patients to be taken to hospital for treatment.
After reviewing the tapes of the surveillance cameras at the embassy, ​​questioning the victims and inspecting the stolen cars, the investigators concluded that the attackers were of Korean origin, and at least two were linked to the CIA, according to El Pais.
Sources confirmed that the evidence of the involvement of the CIA in the attack in cooperation with the South Korean intelligence was so strong that the Spanish side has already asked the CIA to provide an explanation about its involvement in the attack.
The CIA denied involvement in the attack, but its response to the request of the Spanish side was not convincing, according to the newspaper.
Among the details of the other interesting attack, El Mundo reported that the attackers dismissed the acting North Korean Chief of Mission, Su Yun Suk, from the rest of the detainees and interrogated him in a separate room.
According to the newspaper, the attackers tried to obtain information related to the former North Korean ambassador to Spain, Kim Hyuk Chul, who led the team in talks with US nuclear envoy Stephen Biggon, in preparation for the second US-North Korean summit held in Hanoi on 27 and 28 February last , That is, 5 days before the start of the summit.
Su Yoon Suk told Spanish police that the attackers were from South Korea, while Seoul's ambassador in Madrid denied his country's connection to the attack.
Spanish intelligence sources told the newspaper that the aggressors were "looking for something left by former ambassador Kim Hyuk Chul in one of the North Korean embassy in Madrid."
Police found a large amount of firearms that were presumed to be in the possession of the attackers.
According to media reports, Kim Hyuk is close to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and has confidence.
Spain expelled North Korea's ambassador in September 2017 in response to nuclear tests and ballistic missiles over Japan.
El Pais said the incident could eventually lead to "diplomatic friction" between Madrid and Washington. "Sources in the Spanish government believe that if the CIA is proven to be involved in the attack, it would be unacceptable to an ally country, .. This means that the American intelligence services worked in Spain without permission and violated the international conventions that protect diplomatic missions. "
The Spanish Ministry of the Interior has been silent, no comments have been made on the progress of the investigation and the names of the suspect have not yet been officially announced. End 25 n

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