warned the head of the coalition of victory Haider Abadi, Saturday, repeated security breaches, calling for the protection of "achievements", while stressing the importance of not opening the border wide and "dumping the market" goods and goods. 

"It is not right that countries consider their interests and Iraq does not look at its interests," Abbadi said during a speech at a tribal gathering of the tribes of Bani Hassan and other tribes in the province of Najaf. "It is important that our resources, economy and agriculture be nurtured," he said. And our industry and other sectors and not to open the border wide by flooding the market with goods and goods. "

Abadi praised the role of the great clans and their cohesion with our heroic forces and volunteers in our existential war against the gangs of the terrorist gangs, pointing out that "what has achieved astonished the world and this victory did not come for free but with great sacrifices and should not be neglected." 

Abadi warned of "frequent security breaches because the cities fell earlier as a result of internal weakness and corruption, which we worked to eliminate within our armed forces," stressing the importance of non-retreat and protect the achievements achieved. 

Abadi stressed, "the importance of providing the interests of citizens and not the interests of political blocs," pointing out that "there is a feverish activity to obtain positions and monopoly, which is worse than the previous quota."