The MP of the coalition of Sairn Ghayeb al-Amiri, on Sunday, that the number of parliamentary sessions per month in eight sessions is not considered binding to the Council emergency situations or exceptional events, noting that the schedule of meetings will be four sessions a week followed by a week in the provinces. 

Al-Omairi said in an interview with Alsumaria News that "the decision of the House of Representatives to be eight meetings a month to the House of Representatives came in order to distribute the activity and work of members of parliament in several aspects and in accordance with the mechanisms laid down in the rules of procedure of the Council."

He added that "the Council felt that there should be four sessions in a week followed by another week in the provincial offices to perform the supervisory role in the follow-up work of ministries and directorates and follow up the affairs of citizens in each province," continuing that "the adoption of a legislative week and a week of oversight is something we believe sufficient in The quality and number of laws that could complete the steps of its legislation during that period. " 

He pointed out that "this decision does not mean that the Council will be determined by these meetings, in the event of any emergency or exceptional event or file need to intensify the number of meetings and attendance in parliament, the Council in accordance with the rules of procedure can hold additional meetings during that period, a certain". 

The House of Representatives voted in its session held on Saturday, April 13, 2019, to identify eight meetings of the Council every month.