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Will be back as long as financial and administrative corruption exists in Iraq


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Will be back as long as financial and administrative corruption exists in Iraq Empty Will be back as long as financial and administrative corruption exists in Iraq

Post by rocky on Wed 05 Jun 2019, 2:55 am

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[size=52]Will be back as long as financial and administrative corruption exists in Iraq[/size]

[size=45]More than a year ago, this article was written and re-published on the occasion of a provocative attack last night in Tarmiyah, which resulted in the martyrdom of more than 30 armed forces and published this article to remind me, although I am sure that most of the Iraqi leaders, most important ethnic lives or homeland and their biggest positions and gains achieved from the post And served the foreigner
[size=45]The article, published on 28-3-2018, 
has not been defeated and defeated because of Iran or America (despite the help of its aide), but thanks to 50 thousand young martyrs, most of them from central and southern Iraq left their wedding clothes and young wives and children dreamers to join their Lord as a result of their love for their homeland and religion 
two days ago joined The last ride from Arsan center and the south and on the road to Kirkuk by departing by the knife and calling for a man who joins tomorrow, no one will be held responsible for the cause of departure 
All the factors that came in Iraq in 2014 still exist, knowing that more than 90% of the Iraqi people are Iraqis Most of them are not invading from abroad
(Despite the fact that most of them possess most of the oil), security of punishment and lack of services of various kinds and many unemployed due to the lack of projects and jobs resulting from the smuggling of billions of dollars from the auction Al-Wahmi to sell the business and imaginary projects and recruitment through bribery and satellite appointments added to the external factors combined by the hatred of Iraq 
has come in 2014 and captured in 24 hours on one third of Iraq and seized billions of dollars of military equipment and funds has not been accounted for even one official Are those who fear and cause fear to fear it again?
Many individuals are harassed by the Iraqis, who make up about 90% of the organization in Iraq and are at the same time employees or military retirees and civilians who received their salaries from the Iraqi government a few days ago, and during the period urging and still receive their salaries now what has changed now so that I do not come 
from One of the main reasons for the coming of the preacher is to give the ranks of the military and civilian imaginary granted to the people do not deserve it and do not even have a certificate of elementary and did not serve in an army in one day and officers were promoted rank of Brigadier General, including the granting of rank and staff and salary, living in Australia and Europe and America, Yeh At the same time we see the owners of university graduates, engineers and college graduates are unemployed
He called on people who dream of quick profit at any price and high position without efficiency after they saw with their eyes how to become a simple cleaner in the stable horses is a senior official and has 12 billion dollars in international banks and the vendor of telephone cards Minister and owns the real estate in Baghdad and London and Abu Jumbar and small Bastia billionaire and The police 
officer of the brigade is riding special planes and owns banks for their best scientific or commercial minds, but thanks to their ability to steal and betray the homeland. Will the officer responsible allow the camp where the Spyker massacre took place, handing over 1700 young southerners to knives if he knew that the gallows would wrap on his neck 
from the computer of the official? For the high-level ministry of commerce that introduced 100 damaged milk trucks and the carcinogenic of Jordan Cafe to kill thousands of Iraqis is not a war urging biology
They gave me the name of a Shiite politician, one of whom was a member of the Iraqi Governing Council, and so on. He was killed or killed by one of his sons in the war against Da'ash. He called for targeting them because he has a mutual interest with them. They pave the way for corruption and encourage spreading murder and destruction 
if built in Basra, Al-Amara and Samawah. And the availability of electricity, potable water, modern schools and jobs. Will the son of Mosul and Falluja sabotage his city or launch a single ring or allow the masked foreigners to enter their city under the cover of darkness? 
Many supporters of terrorism, especially in Falluja, have received compensation For military operations and up to three times and billions, why do not they do fourth and fifth, and most of them are silent in the outside of Iraq, where the simple man in their cities to obtain non-killing and deprivation
Urging the thought and movement to end, but the elimination of financial and administrative corruption instead of smuggling billions of dollars out of Iraq through the sale of imaginary sales or fictitious projects or jobs and imaginary appointments should go to build billions of Iraq as factories and hospitals and modern roads and electricity and water and green areas and responsible And the honor of those who sacrificed for the sake of the homeland and their families to feel citizens in Basra, Diwaniyah, Mosul and Ramadi that this country is his country and not the country outlaws 
D. Majid Turaihi[/size]

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