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Why does money always fail?


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Why does money always fail? Empty Why does money always fail?

Post by rocky on Fri 07 Jun 2019, 3:43 am

[rtl]Why does money always fail?[/rtl]

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 Mr. Abbas Noureddine

We must first distinguish between money in the sense of the king and all that has value, and money in the sense of criticism, whether gold or silver or printed papers. We must recognize the reality of prosperity and the real prosperity of any society or even of individuals; because much of what is referred to under this heading is not a real boom; we may have the opportunity to expand on this central concept.

Yes, even if money (in the second sense) has become in our time a means to get a lot of things, it does not mean that collecting and stacking is healthy and sound and leads to more useful things. In short, it should be noted that the accumulation of money in this sense will only be a cause of failure and economic downturn; which is completely contrary to what is famous today among economists and to understand.

The first factor behind the failure of governments, states and societies to solve economic problems is primarily due to the fact that money is the economic hub. When efforts, plans and actions are geared towards raising money and setting it up as a sign of success, we must expect failure after failure.

It is true that the presence of liquidity is important to encourage spending, but we have to know that the lowest spending people are the ones who accumulate a lot of money in the safes and banks. There is no direct correlation between the abundance of money and spending; This is self-evident if we know that the aim of fund-raisers is to raise more money. How can we expect their spending to increase as their financial wealth increases? Therefore, the first cause of economic paralysis and the slow pace of the economy is this category (the class of collectors and funds) .. All the major expenditures that have taken place in our contemporary history by this financial clique was to acquire more money in the hands of others or fear of The loss of purchasing value of the money they stacked.

Britain was the largest gold and silver stack in the world, yet it was a country that was and still lives in many economic crises. Were it not for the continued looting of the wealth of others, there would have been no signs of recovery. If we wanted to measure prosperity by the sum of money stored in banks and banks, the difference between Britain and the rest of the world would have been enormous, especially at the level of the economy.

Today, America is replacing Britain in terms of its accumulated financial wealth, yet it continues to plunder the wealth of others openly. The country's economy suffers from suffocating crises and chronic deterioration every few decades since its creation. It is said that if 3% of the funds in American banks were spent on development projects, this country would become very advanced to the rest of the world and solve all its problems !! But we say that spending by itself can not be a factor for prosperity. Therefore, this country is always forced to plunder the wealth of others, to dominate their wills and economies to cover up their failure and to prove that it is the first state and a source of confidence for depositors and investors.

Some American studies, which I have seen, show that the difference in the happiness index is evident in terms of income levels in America, but when it reaches over $ 50,000 a year it is frozen, and then the level of happiness will not vary between the one million Fifty thousand. Too much money is not a reason for more happiness.

The collection of money should not be the object of any economic endeavor, either by the Government or individuals. If the purpose of the money is to facilitate transactions, we should know that its permanent liquidation is the key factor for progress and prosperity, because economic transactions as facilitated were a real cause of economic prosperity.

If we want real prosperity, we must avoid all forms of accumulation of wealth, and therefore the role of banks should be reviewed and organized on this basis.

The accumulation of funds is nothing more than a hoax to demonstrate prosperity. Money is constantly losing its purchasing value, and the key element of progress remains human productivity.

In any event, our aim from these signs is to emphasize that the conflict between human beings as it moves into the ring of money (as it is today) signals the near collapse, failure and defeat of those who use money as a basic weapon. It is enough to reflect on many of the experiences and issues in which money was used so much that money is always the factor of defeat and failure. The Prophet (pbuh) said: "I fear what I fear for my nation to multiply the money to them, and they will be persecuted and killed." [Wram Group, C1, p. 127].

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