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Iraq in the face of two frightening phenomena .. Suicide and divorce


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Iraq in the face of two frightening phenomena .. Suicide and divorce Empty Iraq in the face of two frightening phenomena .. Suicide and divorce

Post by rocky on Tue 18 Jun 2019, 9:34 am

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[size=52]Iraq in the face of two frightening phenomena .. Suicide and divorce[/size]

[size=45]For religious and social reasons that criticize and prohibit such acts and practices, suicides in our societies are relatively few and almost negligible in the years before 2003. However, after the events of 2003 that year, suicide incidents became an alarming phenomenon in all governorates of Iraq, Suicide and divorce.
[size=45]The Human Rights Commission in Iraq revealed last May that the number of suicide bombers during the first three months of this year was 132 people .. He explained that the province of Karbala topped the list by 20 cases during the same months. Basra came again 9 cases of suicide, and then saw Kirkuk 15 cases followed by Dhi Qar, Maysan and then Najaf and the rest of the provinces and ended all these attempts to commit suicide by death.[/size]
[size=45]Young people and teenagers are the list of suicide bombers, ranging from taking poisonous substances, throwing themselves out of high buildings and bridges, or hanged themselves in their homes or shooting at their heads.[/size]
[size=45]According to official statistics from the Ministry of the Interior, suicides amounted to two thousand cases, and various motives, between 2015 and 2017, which is significantly higher than the period between 2003 and 2013, which recorded 1500 cases.[/size]
[size=45]UNHCR also registered a record in 2013, with 500 suicides, in which Dhi Qar had the largest share, dropping to 251 in 2016, where women had the largest share.[/size]
[size=45]The suicide bombers in Iraq are on the rise, and suicide bombers ranging from 20 to 42 years of age vary in terms of social, financial and career status.[/size]
[size=45]According to some psychologists and sociologists, the most important motives for suicide are family disintegration and high divorce rates, as well as the dangerous role played by social media and the consequences of cybercrime or the practice of adolescents to play dangerous games leading to suicide, can not be ignored the issue of proliferation of weapons Drug abuse, unemployment, despair, depression, frustration and academic failure.[/size]
[size=45]Others argue that the economic pressure after 2003 generated instability among many Iraqis that led to the loss of self-control, prompting some of them to take this step.[/size]
[size=45]The Council of Representatives, through research put forward by the Research Department, several proposals and solutions, on the spread of suicide in Iraq, and from these proposals, the opening of economic projects to combat poverty, and the activation and support of psychiatry through the establishment of specialized centers for treatment and dissemination of culture of psychological treatment, and provide centers for survivors of suicide In addition to raising awareness through the media and holding seminars and lectures on the seriousness of suicide, as well as appeal to religious and educational institutions to take full role in the treatment of the phenomenon.[/size]
[size=45]A report by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights on suicide rates in Iraq over the past year that the southern province of Dhi Qar topped the list of 119 suicide and suicide, up from previous rates of 60 percent. She added that 439 cases of suicide officially registered in Iraq in one year only, is last year, the majority of the victims of youth, distributed by 119 in Dhi Qar, 76 in Diyala, 68 in Nineveh, 44 in Baghdad, 33 in Basra, 16 in Muthanna, 15 in Maysan and 12 in Wasit. Suicide methods ranged from hanging to drowning, using firearm and burning.[/size]
[size=45]The Iraqi Supreme Judicial Council confirmed in May that divorce cases in Iraq increased last year to about 74,000 due to technological development, cultural openness and political conflicts affecting the family, as well as pornographic series, underage marriage, drug abuse and the rise of community crimes.[/size]
[size=45]In a report, the Iraqi Judicial Authority confirmed in its statistics that the rise in divorces in the last decade was caused by the country's technological development and cultural openness, in addition to the political conflicts affecting the family, in addition to other known factors such as interference of other parties in marital affairs Economic factors, lack of job opportunities and jobs, low level of family income, varying levels of intellectual and cultural awareness between spouses and educational attainment.[/size]
[size=45]The figures recorded during the first seven months of last year, the occurrence of about 10 cases of divorce in Iraq during each hour was the largest share of the share of the capital Baghdad, where the latter recorded the highest rate of divorce compared with other Iraqi provinces during the past 15 years amounted to 44% .[/size]

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