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Newspapers Tuesday interested in the parliament vote on the ministers of defense, interior and justi


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Newspapers Tuesday interested in the parliament vote on the ministers of defense, interior and justi Empty Newspapers Tuesday interested in the parliament vote on the ministers of defense, interior and justi

Post by rocky on Tue Jun 25, 2019 3:58 am

Newspapers Tuesday interested in the parliament vote on the ministers of defense, interior and justice and not give confidence to the candidate of education

  •  25 June 2019
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The newspapers issued on Tuesday focused on the parliament's vote on the ministers of defense, interior and justice and not giving confidence to the education candidate.
Al-Zawra newspaper issued by the Syndicate of Journalists said that after a series of intensive meetings in the last hours before the session, the House of Representatives voted at its 26th session, which was chaired by Mohammed Halbusi, the President of the Council yesterday and in the presence of 233 deputies to the Ministers of Defense and Interior And justice.
The council voted unanimously to grant confidence to nominate the candidate of the Ministry of Defense, Najah Hassan Ali al-Shammari, Interior Minister Yasin Taher Hassan al-Yasiri and Justice Farouq Amin Al-Shwani, while he voted to exempt Shaima Al-Hayali from running for the portfolio of the Ministry of Education.
The newspaper said that the three ministers who obtained the confidence of parliament were sworn in as the Presidency of the House of Representatives that the alternative candidate for the portfolio of the Ministry of Education will be sent by the Prime Minister to the Parliament to be included in the vote on the agenda of the session on Thursday.
Al-Halbusi announced at the beginning of the meeting the receipt of a letter from the Prime Minister, including his commitment to what he presented in the government program, noting that the Prime Minister gave the names in the best estimate of compatibility and efficiency, noting that in the event of rejection of the Council some or all names, Others after 3 days as a maximum.
In another context, the Alliance pledged to hold the government accountable for the delay in resolving the file of positions by proxy and special grades.
"The time limits set out in the budget law are binding on the government, and any delay on ending the file of running proxy posts and special grades in state institutions is a legal breach that the government bears responsibility for," MP Sabah al-Saadi told a joint news conference.
He added that "the House of Representatives and the bloc of deputies will work to hold accountable any party that delays or violates the commitment and laws and legislation all related to the termination of the administration of positions by proxy, as well as the dismantling of the deep state established by Mafiat corruption and joint."
The bloc of the victory coalition for its part announced the start of collecting signatures to submit a decision proposal rejecting the quota and in line with the foundations of the right to build the state and reference directives.
A spokesman for the coalition bloc, Falah al-Khafaji, told a news conference that "the block of victory declares its rejection of sectarianism in the distribution of the remaining ministerial posts and special grades.
He added that "these positions are the property of Iraq and not the spoils of a party or a party because this means the destruction of the state," calling on the government and parliament to reconsider the selection of candidates for positions and special grades according to competence, experience and professionalism.
The new Sabah newspaper said defense ministers Najah Hassan Ali al-Shammari, Interior Minister Yasin al-Yasiri and Justice Farouq Amin al-Shwani were sworn in Monday before the House of Representatives after the vote. The council rejected the vote on candidate Safana Hussein al-Hamdani as minister of education.
The newspaper added that although the vote on the ministers who sworn in the constitutional period was only one meeting of the House of Representatives held yesterday, but the consensus between the political blocs took eight months, because of the friction between these blocks, which began with the presentation of Abdul Mahdi, , As on yesterday, last October, Abdul Mahdi submitted the names of candidates of 18 ministries out of 22, and postponed the submission of four ministries, including the defense and the interior, to vote on "later", because of disagreement on the names of candidates for them.
She said that since that time accused coalitions and political blocs Abdul-Mahdi as the first culprit in delaying the completion of the cabinet cabin, which put him under pressure not least criticism of his government program, and acknowledged Abdul Mahdi in a letter to the Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohamed Halbusi difficult problems encountered in the selection Ministers voted by the House of Representatives yesterday,.
For its part, Al-Zaman newspaper said that after a difficult labor, Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi succeeded in passing the vacancy of his cabinet amidst the parliamentary blocs, at a time when he failed to obtain the approval of the candidate for the Ministry of Education.
The House voted in a meeting held under the chairmanship of the President of the Council Mohammed Halbusi on Monday and the presence of 233 deputies to the ministers of defense and interior and justice and ended the first reading of the two laws, as he began to discuss the draft law of the Federal Court.
At the beginning of the meeting, Halaboussi announced that the Prime Minister had received a letter from the Prime Minister containing the names of the candidates for the four vacant ministries. He directed the completion of the vote on the ministerial formation, which led to the granting of confidence to the success of Hassan Ali Al Shammari, Minister of Defense, Yasin Taha Hassan Al Yasiri, Minister of Interior and Farouq Amin Osman Mohamed Shwani, The Council also approved the request of the Prime Minister to exempt Shaima Khalil Al-Hayali, who won the confidence of the Council previously for the post of Minister of Education and later applied for exemption from this task. The Council did not give confidence to Al-Hamdani candidate for the post of Minister of Education for obtaining 109 votes out of 233
Then Najah al-Shammari, al-Yasiri and Shuwani were sworn in. Mohammed Mahmoud Zaher was sworn in as deputy replacement of former MP Mansour al-Muraid, who took over the post of governor of Nineveh province after the council approved the addition of the paragraph on the agenda.
Abdul-Mahdi said in his letter, which saw the (time) commitment to what was presented in the government program and its agreement with the major political forces on the mechanism of forming a government and the map agreed upon as much as possible in return, the blocks committed to the basic nominations.
And on the lack of government formation, he said that some blame him for this (and may be right in that ostensibly, but the fact that the harm will fall on the government and candidates when submitting names without guarantee to pass in the House of Representatives).
He pointed out that "all the ministries are now managed in a fundamentalist manner and that the administration of the four remaining ministries is not an exceptional matter." He pointed out that "many of the Iraqi governments since the Royal era were deliberately or forced to run or because of the absence of the original minister, This is open to infinity. "
Abdul Mahdi said that the nominations contained in his letter came (according to the best estimate of compatibility and efficiency), noting that (in case of rejection of the House of Representatives some or all of the names will submit other names after a maximum of 3 days).
According to the leaks yesterday (the existence of differences between the political blocs until the last minute about the candidates of education and defense even before the parliamentary session).
She explained that (there are Sunni blocs reject any candidate submitted Khamis Al-Khanjar), but the reports talked about the consensus between the Sunni blocs on the candidate of defense and rejected the candidate for education.
He praised the head of the Iraqi List, Iyad Allawi, the candidate of the defense and Twitter on Twitter, saying that (Shammari is the son of the military establishment and one of its heroes, a national history and heroism in the war on terrorism) Allawi saw that Imam al-Shammari today (a historical responsibility to strengthen the prestige of the military and the elevation of Baha away from any And 52-year-old al-Shamri, who holds the rank of special forces brigade. He is born in Baghdad. Adhamiya is a graduate of the first military college. The 71st session in 1987 was retired in 2018 at his request.
On the other hand, Al-Halbusi announced the reduction of the salaries of special grades and members of parliament and the transfer of a statement of the information service in the parliament confirmed that (not to grant any privileges to any former or current deputy, whether to give them cars or money (Kashfaan) reduce the salaries of special grades and the inclusion of the House of Representatives in addition to reducing The elements of protection in half without any objection), noting that (the privileges of conservatives and members of the provincial councils by virtue of their work more than members of the House of Representatives).

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