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Industrial cities .. Gates to revive the economy and its development


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Industrial cities .. Gates to revive the economy and its development Empty Industrial cities .. Gates to revive the economy and its development

Post by rocky on Tue 25 Jun 2019, 7:13 am

Industrial cities .. Gates to revive the economy and its development

Dawn of Mohammed
Industrial cities are important projects that contribute significantly to the advancement of the economy, as well as upgrading the national product of the infrastructure and appropriate conditions that lead to the emergence of products to the level required, and it reduces unemployment and provide employment opportunities for young people.
The Ministry of Planning spokesman Abdul-Zahra al-Hindawi: «The industrial cities project of young projects, which was approved a short time ago, as it was only a month ago, and was identified the provinces that will be established in those cities - Baghdad, Basra, Anbar, Mosul and Najaf, as well as other cities Will be selected by the relevant authorities, and it is important to have an environment suitable for investors, whether local or foreign, as well as the relevant authorities to try to involve the private sector in investment, as confirmed by the five-year plan, which was developed until 2022, A partner in the development of the country , So it must be entered into such a kind of projects ».
He pointed out that it is necessary to provide the industrial zone with an integrated environment so that the economy will benefit from agricultural and industrial projects and other fields. These elements include providing roads for transporting electricity and supplying cities with electric power. And try to reduce pollutants from the industry, so these issues were included in the development plan, the selection of areas in places away from the centers of cities so as not to affect the environment.
The law of the city 
The House of Representatives approved in May a law that legislates the establishment of the industrial city and direct the operation within it. The law urged the preparation and updating of the city development plan in accordance with the technical documents attached to the request for leave as well as the construction of fixed assets within the industrial city, , To oversee the development of infrastructure outside the industrial city in coordination with the concerned institutions, and to submit a semi-annual report to the Commission, including investments in the city and expected during the coming year and the areas developed within the cities and all fixed assets And any other information that the Authority finds necessary to provide, as well as to comply with the performance requirements established by the issued leave and contracts with the Commission in this regard as well as technical training for Iraqi employees.
The industrial complex of 
the country included the industrial and mechanical industries, as well as the thermal power plant (the second largest power plant in Iraq), the Hittin General Establishment (Dismantled after 2003 for military industrialization), as well as Hittin's invasive power generation, which was one of the important economic resources.
Climate change 
activist and environmental expert Ahmed Saleh stressed that the concern of environmental activists around the world today, specifically in Europe is the use of environmentally friendly materials, although the generation of pollutants that affect the local climate significantly continues, but there are certain acceptable and certain parameters, So as not to damage the environment significantly later, and in Europe are scattered groups aimed at preserving the environment and reduce pollution, unlike the United States, which is a large pollutant of the environment and around, affecting the forests and sites of plants and animals.
The environmental expert points to the existence of many positive experiences of industrial cities and the preservation of climate and reduce pollution must be used and applied on the ground, but if these cities were established in agricultural places and placed pieces of concrete instead of plants, this would affect the climate and contribute In raising temperatures at a higher rate than normal. 
Pointing to the existence of this type of problems in the province of Maysan, as affected by a large amount of existing oil facilities, as well as Basra, which is covered with clouds black clouds loaded with carbon dioxide, and this effect in animals, for example birds changed course and no longer prefer to stay in their areas As well as bugs that have been clearly prepared, so it is important to prioritize the environment while doing this type of project.
Global systems 
show media reports that the industrial cities emerged after the full development of industrial capitalism in the basic nation states of the global system in the late 18th century, as the city became the center of these production operations and the location of the factories where the various goods and goods are produced. Of cities because of its belief in its importance and its ability to push the economy rapidly.
academic opportunities at Mustansiriya University Dr. Faleh al-Zubaidi pointed out that the importance of industrial cities lies in their ability to reduce unemployment and provide job opportunities for young people, and this type of cities does not mean the existence of small workshops for car repair, but large factories and variety, Which is a mini-city for containing car factories and batteries, as well as private factories that provide jobs and benefit from the experience in the field of industry. 
The establishment of industrial cities contributes to the creation of a new and different economic and social environment, as these areas need new streets, schools and health centers for their workers, as well as increase the income of the citizen and the state, instead of exporting raw materials such as sulfur, which is exploited in industry.
Investment protection 
Zubaidi shows that increasing revenues will boost the economy, and workers in these cities gain more expertise by communicating with experts in the field of industry, who are important to benefit from their knowledge and experience, and it is necessary to find factors to attract experience Foreign investors, as well as foreign and domestic investors. 
It is not possible for the industry to rise unless it provides basic services such as electricity, which is included in the work of factories, equipment and machinery, as well as a review of monetary policy, especially loans and grants to young factories the period of time to ensure their success and then demand payment of their debts.
It is noteworthy that the investment in Baghdad goes to the malls and restaurants and this is not true, because it transforms the members of society to consumers rather than producers, it is important to have more interest in the production of goods and goods important to the national economy and be eligible for export, On the different products have hit the national industry significantly, so there must be a law that protects the national products in line with the laws of the world to get Iraq out of the developing countries and become the thresholds of important countries such as Malaysia and China, which was able to improve its economic reality is today competing Enlarge countries of the world and the United States as the US is fighting an economic war against it, China embraces all industries especially important and vital.
There are also thousands of industrial projects with Iraqi capital invested in the Gulf, Syria, Jordan and various countries of the world. It is important to invest inside rather than abroad.
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