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After the plane was shot down: Washington and Tehran have to get off the tree


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After the plane was shot down: Washington and Tehran have to get off the tree Empty After the plane was shot down: Washington and Tehran have to get off the tree

Post by rocky on Tue 25 Jun 2019, 7:23 am

[size=32]After the plane was shot down: Washington and Tehran have to get off the tree

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Muammar Faysal Khouli *
US-Iranian relations are experiencing an unprecedented state of tension in the history of their relations after the Iranian revolution. The Iranian military escalation against the United States came as the Iranian Revolutionary Guards dropped a US drone aircraft, a clear message from the Iranians to the Americans and their allies. The Persian Gulf, which Tehran has threatened in the event of any aggression against it. The Americans dealt directly with the Iranians in Iraq after the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003, and they are aware of the size and seriousness of the papers they have there.
The shooting down of the American plane has brought back the image of the Trump administration, divided between its hardcore hawks, and the cautious president in rushing to plunge his country into yet another inconceivable and seemingly endless war, prompting it to intensify its efforts to define its strategy toward Tehran. Between the options of response or restraint, and the tightening of sanctions or negotiation, as some of the reactions to recent developments appeared, as Trump - so far - to impose more economic sanctions on Iran, the individual to drop the plane was not militarily, but economically, Trump said he would impose additional sanctions , Wrote his account in the Trump -abbar Toatr- "did not say that I fell from a blow to Iran, as some say, this is wrong .. I just stopped its implementation at the present time."
Although the downing of the American aircraft was not the first, and may not be the last, since the escalation of tension between the United States and Iran, it was undoubtedly the most dangerous between the stations of tension and openness to all possibilities, after the transformation of the regional scene to a game very dangerous, Iran has allies, friends and supporters, and even followers, has the ability to play in more than one arena. Today, however, it does not appear to be the fugitive from the confrontation, but rather to the escalating response on its borders and in its waters and inside its airspace. The Iranians say to the administration The US stopped tricks and maneuvers, and come directly to the overall confrontation, a message that would narrow the margin of American maneuver, pushing Washington to a decisive choice: either go towards a settlement in which returns all its decisions, and either to overall confrontation and waiting for the harvest.
But on what prospects does the scene remain open? 
All the regional and international countries realize that the war will be costly and difficult, both in terms of the economic, military, security and political repercussions. The military confrontation imposed by the United States and Iran is not wanted by anyone, despite the escalation and the Iranian president threatening to reject what he calls conditions and dictates. America, confirms that his country does not want war, but is ready to defend itself, as we hear from US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that President Trump does not want war, and there are many messages exchanged between the two countries at the moment.
Does this mean that Washington and Tehran know the consequences of the war and are reluctant to enter it? This is at least what the Middle Eastern countries, in particular, which have suffered so much from successive adventures, seek to provide more stable opportunities for the lives of their citizens and their future, and the international community in general, because this war has negative repercussions on the global economy and security. 
In spite of all the political analyzes that have been written in recent years about the decline of the importance of the Middle East in the accounts of the superpowers and major, is the management of Trump finds itself immersed in a major test in the Middle East terrible, and betting on Iran to threaten the world economy, and hit the chances of Trump in a second term , By raising oil prices, and Trump is betting on the activation of economic sanctions to force Iran to give him what he refused to give to Barack Obama.
The talks on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Osaka this week on Iran are very important. We are in the middle of the crisis and the forecast is difficult. But the leaders of the IRGC may conclude the difficulty of continuing the escalation against Donald Trump. Economic sanctions here and there are shaking the pillars of the Iranian economy. The Soviet Union had an arsenal of conventional and nuclear weapons capable of destroying the globe, but this country disintegrated in December 1991, without the United States launching a Bullet.
 The bottom line is that after the American plane was shot down and the Revolutionary Guards may be repeating it, it is necessary for Washington and Tehran to get out of the tree to maintain peace and security and the global economy, because the open war between them will lead to the calamities of its knowledge of God and the steadfast in science.
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