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The American presence in Iraq .. Point of Ras line ..!


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The American presence in Iraq .. Point of Ras line ..! Empty The American presence in Iraq .. Point of Ras line ..!

Post by rocky on Thu 18 Jul 2019, 6:25 am

[rtl]The American presence in Iraq .. Point of Ras line ..!Thursday 18 July 2019[/rtl]

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Qassem al-Mahershi: No mistake is made that says the United States is re-occupying Iraq. The new statements by US President Donald Trump about the Ain al-Asad base in western Iraq and the US forces in it place American attitudes on Iraq and the region on barren land without blocking. Or caps.
Trump revealed his familiarity with the will of the people, his intentions and plans, the continuation and strengthening of the military presence in Iraq, and the declaration of a US military base, describing it as "fascinating, cost-effective and very appropriate to monitor the situation in all parts of the Middle East." 

"One of the goals of this rule is to enable Washington to monitor Iran, and some American soldiers to be withdrawn from Syria will join," Trump said. To the US forces in Iraq. "

Despite the fact that none of the Iraqi officials, and the length of time elapsed since the official end, the US occupation of Iraq at the end of 2011, did not talk about the existence of US bases in Iraq, and although the Strategic Framework Agreement between Iraq and the Americans, which is supposed to organize The relationship between the two countries, especially in the field of security, did not allow US bases in Iraq, but it is clear, and by extrapolating the actions of the former government of Mr. Haider Abadi, that they had secretly agreed with the Americans on "something" under the heading of counterterrorism, Iraqi forces are fighting a duel.

On numerous occasions, in interviews and official statements, Mr. Abbadi repeatedly stressed that there were no US troops in Iraq, that only advisers were available to train Iraqi forces, and once he said that any US aircraft could not fly in Iraqi airspace until after You get official permission from the Iraqi Joint Operations Command. Like what is known, these statements have not found a market for Iraqis, because they can open their eyes in sour milk pots! The Americans have lied to the claims of Iraqi officials that there are no US military bases in Iraq, and they have always acted deliberately, to put Iraqi officials in a critical position and to force them to deal with the US presence; as an Iraqi fact, they have not tried to conceal their military presence in Iraq Start. 

This is one of the constitutional rights of the Iraqi citizen, since it is not the right of the Iraqi government to conclude an agreement that violates Iraqi sovereignty, whatever the motives and reasons. The Iraqis, having achieved a great victory over terrorism, have paid their price dearly. They want to heal their wounds and rebuild their country. They have the ability, the ability and the ability to carry out this great task, and they do not allow anyone who is their land to take their aggressive goals against others. , And if there is a problem with the Americans, or with President Trump with the Iranians, they will see their luck with Iran directly, but not from the land of Iraq.

Iraq and Iran are neighbors of Azerbaijan, two countries with deep-rooted ties. The story of the war of aggression waged by Saddam against Iran during the 1980s can never be repeated with US backing and with open funding from Saudis and Gulf Arabs. This story with a new scenario, the Iraqis will stand with the Iranians, side by side in the trenches of fighting! 

Talks before peace: US forces in Iraq are occupying forces, and their resistance is legitimate in all international norms .... Point Ras line ..! 

  The article expresses the opinion of the author
Author: US presence in Iraq;

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