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Reference warns of youth unemployment with ominous results


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Reference warns of youth unemployment with ominous results Empty Reference warns of youth unemployment with ominous results

Post by rocky on Fri 23 Aug 2019, 6:15 am

Reference warns of youth unemployment with ominous results

13:00 - 23/08/2019

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Information / Baghdad ..
The representative of the supreme religious authority, Mr. Ahmed Al-Safi, warned of the youth unemployment and emptiness they have "with unfortunate consequences".
Mr. Al-Safi said in his Friday sermon from inside al-Husseini al-Sharif, “One of the diseases that may cause personal or social problems and may expand gradually because of the nature of this situation, which is the state of emptiness, and emptiness means that man is not apparently busy with work whether it is a spiritual or physical emptiness. He feels a situation like loss and this vacuum has its origins and has a cure and we do not talk about the spiritual vacuum in the religious sense and our talk about the loss of purpose and a sense of emptiness for one reason or another, especially when problems abound and look for some roots of the problems find that there is a state of not feeling any responsibility arising from a vacuum I had this problem. ”
"Void is a reality that has negative repercussions for man. Is there any physical work? As a result, he sees that his time has begun to dissipate and without the fruit of a reality that belongs to him first and to others."
Mr. Al-Safi stressed that “emptiness is not liked according to Sharia, which means that man remains unemployed and from a social point of view, there are problems, societies, and countries. States try to create areas of work so that emptiness does not remain in their children. Other. ”
He explained that "the necessity of human concern for himself and the people of his skin to show the evils of this case and the vacuum in which a state of loss of purpose and this vacuum, especially if it is when some youth groups that feel that they want to work and have energy and want to emptied work and then do not find a way and this The vacancy will be born into an unfortunate act. ”
He warned the representative of the Supreme Reference "from laziness, during which man will turn from a state of loss to a state of addiction and if he has a vacuum and has no work trying to gain from an illegal way and emptying energy with other things that may harm himself and harm society."
He pointed out that "there are mature youth and not from the owners of precedents, but went to various ways and began to lose his youth and the cause of vacuum, which is devastating," adding, "Man used to produce Vkevk if the proportion of our vacuum is large and this part of society and definitely must be resolved."
Mr. Al-Safi stressed that the concerned authorities should be able to accommodate the people living in a state of emptiness, which leads to ominous things and should indicate a real and painful situation at the same time.
He urged "who lives the vacuum to occupy himself and stay away from fictional things and not adapt to the vacuum being a loss and there is no real goal behind some of the general problems and must not be a prisoner of the vacuum, it will spread more and must be attentive and not be oblivious to many diseases that exist in this case ”.
He stressed that "it needs solutions and remedies and young people complain and want salvation from the state of emptiness and they have finished their studies and some closed doors must be opened to them."

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