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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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In return benefit the banking companies .. and her story with the central bank does not end the suff



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In return benefit the banking companies .. and her story with the central bank does not end the suff

Post by rocky on Sun 20 Jul 2014, 5:33 am

In return benefit the banking companies .. and her story with the central bank does not end the suffering ..

By: Bayyna

On: Sun 20/07/2014 1:32

Down when «Pressed» Hundreds of owners of banking companies are forced between now and then to put their problem, but that their suffering has become such «scalp seven» .. This time we ball out of the fact that in the run-off briefing .. Yes banking companies that owners living spiral offset by the absence of radical solutions before administration of the central bank that it seems to deal with it in a spirit of apathy, but what is the interpretation of the issue is not resolved despite repeated ask? ..

This time we present the problem before the eyes of Mr. Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki Esquire on behalf of more than 300 owners of banking companies, which say where they are, and since more than a year paid deposits of $ (500) million in order to establish a corporate banking and contexts set, but despite the passage of years did not get anything and some of the owners of the companies fulfilled all the conditions but to no avail .. the owners of the companies said some had collided with «limitation Criminal» But this excuse was justified due to the lifting of this restriction and what a pity that these when reviewing the CBI or the companies concerned in the bank does not find it listens to them and end their review staff queries and when traveling on official at the Central Bank there is no alternative to him, which means that work will stop until .. Is that permissible? It reveals the secret before this confusion and in front of such a policy is not committed? .. At the same time the owners of banking companies complain of sanctions (back-breaking), which up to Aqhobtin in that one and you can imagine what that every penalty worth ten million dinars!! Is that permissible, my circle of control and banking? Because of the lack of a license other companies despite the passage of more than a year to take the central bank calls for the renewal of letters of guarantee and leases stores, which ended due to delays in the completion of the transaction in a timely manner in addition to this that the Central Bank of the period recent vacation to use the rest of the archives of the citizen in addition to the passport cause to reject many of the names in the auction .. The multiplicity of the required documents for the purpose of participation in the auction befuddled work of a number of private companies Bachirfah not to mention the fact that the Commission refusing the auction because of the similarity of names and demanding owners banking companies to return to the previous context, which is the allocation of the amount of any open every week ( 00.000) thousand dollars instead of the adoption of the passport as it gets now because of their fraud .. also call for increased financial transfer to banking companies and (250) thousand dollars .. We are asking the central bank and oversight services and banking overcoming difficulties and find quick solutions to the problem experienced by the owners of banking companies .. Is it a quick fix? We wait ..,ctr:countryIQ

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