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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Responsibility of the Association of Banks in the next stage



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Responsibility of the Association of Banks in the next stage

Post by rocky on Sun 10 Aug 2014, 6:08 pm

Responsibility of the Association of Banks in the next stage

8/11/2014 0:00 
Baghdad Yasser incumbent 
now has been elected the new management of the Association of private banks in Iraq and says it has a program of work is promising, that is, they put themselves in a critical angle is to bear the tasks of considerable in light of a new phase experienced by Iraq and is awaiting the formation of his new government, what is the most prominent requirements phase by the banking sector? 
this question need to answer explicit should the governing body of the Association to answer him, where she has the lead in terms of the rules of procedure of the new supposedly maneuvered her area of work to move in coordination with the sponsors for the financial sector and of Balsulttin monetary and fiscal , and the ability of the Association to adopt or take responsibility in order to be the guarantee of well-established procedures and the actions of banks Almnzawah under its banner in the implementation of the procedure and the laws and instructions issued by the authorities and to ensure the smooth flow of liquidity and money towards development programs .lki take Association location in influencing decisions regarding defending the banks must have an effect in shaping the policy of the banks and thus would be the any association as planned and the observer on the implementation of banking activities and when it will have a role in evaluating the banks before the monetary and fiscal authorities and located it upon themselves to develop evaluation criteria for the performance of the banking and leading to the failure to extend all banks some mistakes that may be committed bank specific Association is a guarantee, as we have said. 
many are claimed to be on the banking sector implementation, especially regarding the policy of development of the country but the problem lies in the procedures and laws restricting activity which is diagnosed with everyone, so it requires it to provide the necessary facilities in order to enable these banks to perform their duties to the fullest. 
eight of the requirements of the banking business developed to bring modern technology that contribute to the acceleration of banking activities initiated more private banks in the acquisition is that the delay in the government banks in possession has hampered their use in a manner covers an area of the country, this dilemma need to hold firm in forcing the government banks opt-out for the process runs smoothly is high, and the right to say that one of the main reasons for the reluctance of international companies investing in the country lacking art core banking system contributes to facilitate the work of companies .taul banks good in Iraq on a prominent role The largest of the Association, which is sponsoring its affairs and have a voice at the executive and legislative powers and also is supposed to be for the Association of the ability to influence the private banks to modify their routes towards the enhancement of their role in the implementation of sustainable development programs. 
following with interest the central bank's measures aimed at achieving monetary stability, which leads to achieve economic stability and convergence required monetary and fiscal policy and coordinate their efforts in order to achieve this ultimate goal.

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