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Mohammed Saleh D.mzar *: Equivalent General of values: a model Dollar


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Saleh - Mohammed Saleh D.mzar *: Equivalent General of values: a model Dollar Empty Mohammed Saleh D.mzar *: Equivalent General of values: a model Dollar

Post by rocky on Sat 11 Oct 2014, 8:20 am

Mohammed Saleh D.mzar *: Equivalent General of values: a model Dollar

Go out to the public the concept of equivalent values ​​Numeraire to the existence of a single commodity item represents the core which makes all other commodities such Tsaraza Item Alasasah.oan This comparison makes possible the diagnosis of any commodity is the highest value of goods Awalaql Alakhary.ually this basis, approved the Bretton Woods Agreement in 1944, the dollar American equivalent of being a year of values ​​.ogery pricing per Ounce of gold being the equivalent of 35 dollars. Also that all the currencies of the world are either parts of the dollar flimsiest of complications dollar Aotfogah.ohecma led the dollar 's role equivalent to the values ​​of the year due to the persistence of the price of gold over a quarter of a century Elzimn.ala that the fixed exchange rate system to achieve global financial stability has lost his determination and ended completely in the early seventies of the last century because of the limited official gold to the United States, and solving dollarised alternative monetary system born from the womb of the previous monetary system. Has been associated with Equalizer General Rate this time to a basket of commodities denominated in dollars himself and fluctuate their accordance with the market mechanism in supply and demand and are consistent with the system of flexible exchange of Dolar.oppema out the gold from under the official price for him to join is Alakharaly market basket in a series of commodity president of integrated form the backbone of the equivalent of the new values .az included that basket of commodity oil with gold to be at the forefront of its components, in addition to agricultural crops and various other commodity groups are being traded all other Alammeraki.babarh dollar moved in the dollar as equivalent to the values ​​of gold unilateral official fixed price (basic commodity) to a plurality of commodity basic , which was the gold from them, a commodities possess the function of storing value or wealth, which is a function of money as well ... as if the dollar Nevsh.fbdla of stability coefficient price between gold and Aldolarralnkadi (according to the Bretton Woods Agreement) in order to cause the dollar's role equivalents public values ​​Numeraire .babarh Elsewhere, there is a causal relationship generated in the post-Bretton Woods institutions and mechanisms which links between the rising prices of basic commodities denominated in dollars (ie pluralism commodity) ..obin devaluation of the dollar itself, or vice versa within the business cycle Slaah- dollar cycle not limited to dollar-denominated gold only but go to the oil dollar-denominated also a number of other commodities denominated in the currency of the United States, which is handled them all through monetary union Alammerakih.valdorh commodity -ataria, touched derived from new manifestations of the international financial system as promised dollar-denominated commodities safe haven to save the value Awalthot hedge instead of the dollar itself, which helps to stabilize the values ​​and vice versa when the rising value of the dollar goes down commodity prices without losing the dollar role in the correlation between money and alternatives denominated currency Nevsha.ana monetary system shadow was introduced identity of the dollar and the real goods associated with it. To hide the source session cyclementioned above is the power of the real economy and the effects of its market actors in the face of the movements of the economy, nominal and show cohesion true in maintaining competitiveness and hedge against the loss, which explains the phenomenon of a falling dollar with the increasing oil price, gold and other goods of basic goods.
I like the transition from a monetary system based on the dollar as equivalent in value tied linkage officially fixed price of gold ( the promise of gold commodity basic Single , with a system of fixed exchange accompanied by liberalization in the current account of the balance of payments to a large extent) and the transition to the international monetary system novelty will be the dollar equivalent general values ​​Numeraire but belted ( a basket of commodities essential to move their accordance with the market forces and the system of flexible exchange with a tendency towards the liberalization of the capital account of the balance of payments in addition to the liberalization of the current account), such as the fact that the transformation or transition is essential in the global monetary system currently .Where Lamcy stockpiling global gold producer and oil and crops, and others all are staples that draw them and by the dollar itself at the same time in the market for basic goods merged one way or another Money market which formed the evolution in the international financial market (financial globalization) and the ability to rotate the surpluses of the world of the dollar, but in the warehouse Dollar commodity itself, not outside Hadhanth.
Find a thirst for international Almstmraly dollar pathways various analytical, especially those that dealt with the development of the official reserves of the International .az noted the International Monetary Fund, for example, that the official reserves of the International may rise for rates that exceed 60% of the GDP of the United States of America (as it was the situation in the year 2010) of approximately 200% in 2020, has close to 700% of GDP in the American public is still time 2035.fa World Trade make payments dollar-a rate of 83% of the value of that trade between the United .oan ratio of 56-60% of official reserves are the world, especially the American dollar reserves to the growing economies of countries with emerging markets, of which there are today around 54 countries in the world and is harvested nearly 50% of the annual growth in Alm.kma that 60% of the loans granted by international banks today also paid in dollars George.And even to the loss of value of the dollar, the intensity of demand from emerging economies on foreign reserves and fears today that the dollar loses value, are the same concerns raised by the Belgian economic Triffin since 1947, when the world began to depend on a single reserve currency is the dollar. As Triffin noted that the United States should issue more debt the government to facilitate the task of global trade and meet the demand on those reserves.
Thus became the zones dollar is not dealing US dollar only, but there producing commodity Prime represents a store of value and is denominated in the currency of the dollar and exercise function semi Atar.valthol of the dollar to basic food commodities is through hedge commodity dollar itself, which created a mechanism of supply and demand on the dollar for the benefit of real goods adopted a basic symbolic economy in the trading and operating in a climate dollar coin.
Based on the foregoing, there is a syndrome quasi-quad between the dollar on the one hand and oil, gold and agricultural crops ruling denominated Baldolarmen the other hand, has created a system cash alternative or kept up the dollar , as it replaced the monetary gold (official) gold informal through the commodities market, after added to crude oil and its derivatives, Mahasil.oan Hadhanthm Today all is the evolution in financial markets and in particular markets, futures future markets , where it is traded commodity three or more by financial speculation to search for margins for profit and financial gains .oan there is high flexibility in substitution among staples The mechanism described by speculative and investment dollar. Thus, the financial markets and commodity components are transformed monetary system from being limited to the equivalent of unilateral Numeraire depends official gold fixed value (ie, the dollar) to the system relies commodity dollarised Mtaatadd market forces and balances.
Instead of currency to meet commodity single fixed price is the only gold (and by the Bretton Woods system) to be determined whereby the equivalent year of the values ​​of any dollar, became there monetary system last  became a dollar which is also equivalent in values, but against the portfolio commodity multi- determined prices in the markets, financial speculation and the relationship counterproductive.
And this made ​​(financial globalization) of financial markets or stock exchanges fun affordable for anyone who wants to exercise financial speculation freely Aalah.fbomkan individual buy oil or gold or tons of copper from the futures market , without thinking that the garage of his home is the same for Aistoab ten barrels of crude oil or ton Alnhac.vcra comes from a view to selling the symbolic later to get the profit margins of speculation, but no! So regardless of your taste of oil or copper color! It's casino economy really symbolic or nominal.
The staples alternative to the dollar today is gold and agricultural crops in addition to the oil or its derivatives, which hedge their casino economy nominal or symbolic as well as various speculators in the financial market. As the rising value of financial assets and derivatives increased by 20 times the value of the global GDP of the day at about 73 trillion dollars 
.oan there's syndrome between the rise in the value of the dollar and the decline in oil and gold prices, where declining gold prices today is about $ 1,200 for ounces each, or a little more with a significant increase in the value of the dollar over other currencies. 
Valthot in these days has become Baldolarnevsh the rising value and probably will hedge less towards market futures oil or gold or food, and unlike what was happening in a period of booming prices of goods commodities, especially in my item gold and oil. Although Therefore, it has been observed through the historical evidence nearby that the consumption of crude oil has not Bnkhvd only 3% when it collapsed in oil prices in the global market of $ 140 per barrel to $ 40 a barrel, the same at the beginning of the year 2009.kma noticed that all (five) drums oil product export market to go from financial speculation or oil-for-casino (one barrel) just goes directly to the refining and consumption. The rising share of the financial market of oil derivatives to (seven drums) for the purposes of speculation versus (barrel and only one) of those derivatives (especially gasoline) to take that barrel his way to the direct consumption.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, the speculators enmeshed in buying and selling in the futures market, they are still in the absence in order to direct their questions sufficient to regulatory authorities in different countries about systemic risk and potential threats to their activities Almalahwalta are subject to the effects of government's economic policy, such as interest rates and exchange rates and put the balance of payments and the future of public debt policy and other macroeconomic variables with profound impact on the stability of the financial market and the safety of its operations. Conclusions
We have turned the global monetary system in the characterization of the equivalent year values ​​Numeraire of monounsaturated commodity actress gold formal and on according to the fixed exchange rate system (the Bretton Woods system the past) to theplurality of commodity basic  current and according to data from the international financial market and Systems flexible exchange and freedom of movement of capital, as it moves around 4-5 trillion dollars a day from short-term capital between markets in the world for the purposes of financial speculation and gain rapid, while we find that the total global trade of goods and services not exceeding 20 trillion dollars annually . It's toy market is mired economic surplus Nations or looting surplus latent as he called late economist Paul Baran in his famous book: the political economy of growth, whether playing a war field and create terrorist states (which the specimen Creator of the war in the Horn of atheist twenty which the specimen is able to drain the proceeds of oil wealth) or play price wars and falling .asar staples or key Ka Oil Awalzhb Aoualemwad food .az facing the landing, the availability of a monetary system shadow or restraints across the daily movements of the financial market (as a market futures) and total speculation denominated in dollars in the economy, nominal, in the midst of the cycle hedge hedge fluctuate where the value of the dollar in the cash market -obashkl opposite volatility Akiem Goods Multiple major dollar-denominated himself in the financial market.
Vamahsalh is that the current monetary system, the dollar had created an investment portfolio and one variety of its assets Finance / commodity and monetary and sessionaforementioned given up to the balance and stability of the dollar value of the portfolio, which are summarized and the main function in the underlying surplus rotate around the world alone! .
Baghdad on October 9, 2014
(*) Writer and researcher economist, deputy governor of the Central Bank of the former
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