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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Edit Fallujah plan awaiting the zero hour


day dreamer

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Edit Fallujah plan awaiting the zero hour

Post by day dreamer on Thu 11 Jun 2015, 1:01 pm

Edit Fallujah plan awaiting the zero hour


 6/11/2015 0:00

Killing and capturing dozens of terrorists, including the Minister of Media} {Daash Mosul
BAGHDAD - morning - Saad Al-Sammak MOSUL - Sunrise Maher
It confirms the data on the ground that the purge Fallujah operation was close with the disclosure about the intention of the prime minister to make an appeal to the people of that city out of them, and completeness of the confluence of the security forces and advanced the crowd People from several axes from the east within Anbar borders, and the completion of two regiments of Anbar sons and imprisoned the ranks of the crowd processing
to share the process of cleansing.
The leader of the popular crowd deputy head of the Badr Organization, Hadi al-Amiri: The general commander of the armed forces, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi will direct appeal to the people of Fallujah spend out of them, because the cleansing process has become close.
While stressing the commander of Anbar Operations Maj. Gen. Qassim Al-Muhammadi's (Center Brief) that the security forces and the popular crowd managed through the quality of the process of North Khalidiya killed 12 Daashaa including terrorist "Abu Ibrahim," the military official for Doaash in Khalidiya, the first responsible for the deaths of dozens of innocent citizens in Khalidiya
and Fallujah.
And confirmation of the detection of the media spokesman for the mobilization of popular cream-Nouri, approaching zero hour for an appointment to storm Fallujah and ushering entry of four axes to attack the stronghold of the presence of remnants of the "Daash" The liberation of the city.
He said in a statement the "morning": that the popular crowd forces and volunteers Anbar sons Satsdron Vanguards liberation force.
Security forces completed and the crowd Popular Liberation northern Anbar areas of Conception Aldoaash, and crossed in progress Nazim area division blather to meet with the military forces that the task of guarding the Thar Thar area, where he was Alosoraly bodies of 17 terrorists, and transfer (Center Brief) for Anbar police chief Hadi Rseg,
It confirmed the deaths of 30 Daashaa in offensive operations carried out by security forces and the popular crowd and tribal areas on the outskirts of the vine and the Japanese bridge.
Security forces took control of the crowd and the popular two bridges are important in the city of Ramadi, two bridge 18 and bridge 25, was killed in the police force of the Federal 6 terrorists and destroyed two wheels and knocked a third and seized automatic weapons and medium anti-tank missiles.
And control the security forces, on Wednesday morning, seven car bombs packed with displaced people at the entrance to the city of Karbala on the one hand spend Nukhayb and their drivers arrested.
A security source said in a press statement that intelligence information received by the security forces, the presence of car bombs in the process of access to the province of Karbala, the decree Nukhayb, indicating that the security forces ambushed and was able to adjust the seven car bombs near control 55 at the entrance to the province on the one hand Nukhayb.
The source added that the strength of the anti-explosives evacuated displaced and defused explosives effect in those cars without causing casualties or damage, indicating that the security forces arrested seven motorists and subjected them to investigate.
For his part, the leader of the popular crowd Hasan The support for (Center Brief): The joint security forces arrested 24 Daashaa before fleeing north Anbar areas, and found five wheels bomb Humvee being dismantled, and five other wheels loaded with heavy and medium weapons in Island
Nazim division.
And raided the Champions crowd parties blush camp in the Garma area within Sector Anbar operations based on intelligence information accurate, and arrested three Doaash with their car Kia download Iromon transfer of weapons and explosive than Lm, as well as to find the 100 vials of material C4 high explosives ready to go off and 20 missile
Sam prepared for the launch of 15 rockets and has not been kind to know and 14 container hardware unilateral 14-mm machine gun.
With managed Tigris operations forces killed more than 90 Daashaa in the block and the opening lines near "Camp Aisha and Novell" during a terrorist attempts to be submitted to the block lines, according to a statement of the Ministry of Defense, which said wounded other numbers and the destruction of seven armed Wheels them what forced them to escape.
And fear of progress achieved security forces in all the cutouts, Daash gangs have resorted to bombing hand Hamam Al-Alil police station (20 km south of Mosul), according to a security source correspondent "morning," a statement noting that those gangs proceeded also on Tuesday evening on the bombing of a police station a new door
central Mosul.
   He also stressed Brigadier Jassem al-Jubouri of the Nineveh police do criminals Daash the execution of 20 officers from the employees of the provincial police during the celebrations of the Doaash in hand Qayyarah south of Mosul, explaining that the officers were detained in Daash prisons since control of Mosul, a year ago, they were executed in front of the citizens in the district and reached their bodies Medicine Justice in Mosul.

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