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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Complete the preparations for the second page of the battle to liberate gray


day dreamer

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Complete the preparations for the second page of the battle to liberate gray

Post by day dreamer on Tue Aug 04, 2015 1:26 pm

Complete the preparations for the second page of the battle to liberate gray


 8/4/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - morning
MOSUL - Sunrise Maher
Field commanders expect, near the completion of the liberation of all the gray areas of operation after the completion of the security forces and the popular crowd and their preparations for the start of the second page of the process .. coincide with the opening of volunteering to the people of Anbar in the ranks of the popular crowd.
Edit near Ramadi

 The commander of the Anbar Operations Major General Qassim al-Muhammadi: that military units backed by the popular crowd ended a willingness to initiate the second page of gray edit operations, reminding that these forces have made the front page of targets and resulted in the liberalization of most areas of the city. For his part, announced the popular crowd in Anbar file official, Major General Ziad Tariq, open the door to volunteer for the children of the families of the conservative ranks of the popular crowd and be greeted in the Habbaniyah base as of Saturday in order to complete the preparation of the third gray Regiment, which includes 500 fighter after he graduated second group, noting that the volunteers hand of the sons of al-Baghdadi, began their training, yesterday, in the eye of the lion base at the hands of trained Iraqis and volunteers involved editing operations and maintenance of the ground after cleared of Aldoaash.
In the meantime a joint force most prominent experts vehicle borne improvised explosive device killed in the terrorist Saqlawiyah (Nbelov) Uzbek nationality with one of his companions had been presented to the Syrian tenderness.
The destruction of targets in Mosul

Under the information led it citizens to destinations intelligence managed the Iraqi Air Force and Air International Alliance of yesterday, of the destruction of the largest laboratory for booby-trapping wheels in Mosul, said a statement of the Joint Special Operations Command that the Air Force destroyed the gangs Daash fact, between the areas of Alekiarp and drunken south of Mosul lab, pointing out that military operations It was based on credible intelligence and accurate identification of the site which represents the plant to filter the water and took advantage of their facilities to those gangs booby-trapping wheels.
As was the dawn of yesterday, directing the quality of air strike site used by Aldoaash to accumulate weapons and supplies south of Mosul resulted in the completely destroyed, as confirmed statement cell media war that the coming days will witness the devastating blows to the headquarters of Daash areas collected .. calling on residents to the need to move away from the whereabouts of terrorists.
The execution of youth

 As a result, launched mercenaries Daash campaign during which kidnapped scores of civilians southern, western and central Mosul from charges of sending information to the Iraqi security forces, according to the statement made by Brigadier-General Mohammed al-Jubouri of the Nineveh police to contact the "morning" who confirmed that terrorists carried out the Monday afternoon campaign executions included 44
a young man in the yard of bricks door central Mosul after being forced citizens to gather and watch the executions, which made the people of Mosul hidden shed tears, while terrorists have vowed Daash execution of dozens and hundreds of young people a day in the event of non-compliance with locals for their orders.
Jubouri said that young people kidnapped from areas of Hamam al-Alil and Qayyarah and Badush and spend Baaj.
The Daash gangs also arrested 15 families conductivity tried to escape from the city without the consent of those gangs that are imposed on anyone who purports to exit pay $ 1,500, quoted correspondent morning for local residents as saying: that Aldoaash flexed members of those families of women and children in the streets and markets of Mosul, were enrolled while continuing their skin by Aldoaash during the review process, adding the population that those gangs carried out a campaign of arrests on taxi drivers who are smuggling families outside Mosul and confiscated their vehicles and executed six of them, stressing that the terrorists are still waging a wide campaigns to arrest the families that are trying to get out of Mosul.
Furthermore, what was the oldest Daash criminals during the past two days on the execution of 19 women on the background conductivity refusing to participate in the practice of Jihad marriage, especially as the leader of these gangs face in his message to provide girls Daash elements in order to encourage them to fight.
Amir arrest Diyala cells

It was near the city of Baquba on Wednesday the arrest of the so-called emir sleeper Daash cells, as The head of the security committee in the Diyala provincial council, Sadiq al-Husseini, said that this terrorist was arrested process quality and is the mastermind of many of the crimes that hit some cities in Diyala .. and hard intelligence distinctive locate the whereabouts of He required, stressing that his arrest will reveal many of these gang crime in Diyala, reminding that the security services of many of the leaders of "Daash" arrested the quality of operations in various areas of the province.

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