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Saleh: financial distress on the way to solution

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Saleh - Saleh: financial distress on the way to solution Empty Saleh: financial distress on the way to solution

Post by day dreamer on Tue 22 Sep 2015, 5:02 pm

Saleh: financial distress on the way to solution


 9/23/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - Mohammed Ismail
 «Huda» a forum for knowledge exchange systems, the second of experts, moderated by Dr. session.
Haider al-Rubaie, the headquarters of the Forum in «Kadhimiya» Hall.
Where d feet. The appearance of Mohammed Saleh adviser to Prime Minister for Financial Affairs «a realistic vision for the reform of the Iraqi economy after the decline in oil prices .. the Iraqi economy and the challenges of the future», saying: «what will be put, in this lecture, will raise the form of recommendations, to the decision-maker; as Iraq, has suffered since beginning in 2015, from a double blow, namely the occupation of «Daash» for five provinces, cut 15 percent of the total output of the economy, and falling oil prices, which Iraq lives on revenues, by 93 percent of the budget, what show the balance of payments to internal and external gaps, deepened the fact that the savings more than investment, projects lagging behind, and after that we thought achieve sufficiency of wheat, 2015, if our surprise three million displaced people, has become a four out of ten of them, below the poverty line, which does not receive 75 percent of their basic needs; what led to the recession and low growth rate , from 7 percent to 1 percent and high unemployment to 22 percent; what made the budget 25 trillion deficit, which could rise to 60 Trliuna, but the state is able to stop him, and therefore we are facing a gap on the investment budget completely deactivated account, but processors ongoing, successfully reassuring, especially
When borrowing monitoring of the development and not to spend, which is borne by the outcome generations
Next ».
He added: «on January 31, 2007, the Paris Club benefits stopped, turned off 80 percent of the debt, including the Gulf countries, which demands fairy figures, the international community will not let us Novi more than 20 percent of the accumulated debt from the former regime».
Stressing the acquisition Iraq the world's trust, not to deny what resulted in Saddam errors: «we recorded credit good 100 percent what makes the current distress, on the way to resolve because it is a gap of 8 percent and foreign domestic investment plugged or borrowing or payment on credit, as well as to rationalize consumption and restrict the import
Necessities ».
He pointed out that terrorism drained 23 percent of the economy, was spent on security, immigration and human beings who have fled their importance for not less money wasted in corruption; because every young learner, the state spent 75 000 dollars, from elementary to junior high.
After the lecture on each of the d. Dr. Majid picture. Dr. Essam Feeli. Dr. Amer Abdul-Jabbar. Confident and Dr. al-Hashimi. Khalid Abdullah Wad.
Amir al-Saadi.
And lecturer d. The appearance of Mohammed Saleh .. generate in 1948, won the economics PhD from the University of Wales, Mottaglda functional and university and research positions .. currently working Prime Minister for money adviser.

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