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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Baghdad to provide facilities for the Russian campaign on «Daash»



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Baghdad to provide facilities for the Russian campaign on «Daash»

Post by Lobo on Wed 07 Oct 2015, 9:15 pm

October 7, 2015

Baghdad to provide facilities for the Russian campaign on «Daash»

BAGHDAD - Iraqi political sources that the military delegation that visited Moscow, during the past few days, told officials in the Kremlin Baghdad's willingness to provide «the necessary facilities» in the campaign waged by the Russian troops on «Daash» in Syria. The delegation did not ask to expand to include Iraq raids because of US reluctance. 

This coincided with the progress of the Iraqi forces with the support of «the international coalition» in Ramadi (the capital of Anbar Front) and its success in controlling the western side of the city, prompting the Alliance representative John Allen to expect freed soon.

The chairman of the parliamentary security and defense of quitting (chest) stream, said yesterday that Iraq will be requested air support from Russia «if successful strikes in Syria because the international coalition did not stop Daash but compounded expansion and strength.» But a government source denied the existence of any intention to request the Russian air support, despite the touch delegation on a visit to Moscow that the Kremlin wants, for reasons to launch raids on the Syrian and Iraqi fronts together a military strategy. The source said the delegation informed Moscow to Baghdad ready to provide all possible assistance to support the campaign in Syria, but that «does not include the implementation of operations in Iraq at this stage because of the American oppositions».

Russia was published yesterday pictures of missiles launched by Barjatha routes from the Caspian Sea over the Iranian and Iraqi territory.

The leader of the «Union of Forces» Sunni Dhafer al-Ani told «life»: «We asked to get details about the quadrilateral coalition in parliament to determine the position of it, is it a military alliance or security cooperation?». He added: «I have no objection to the year Russian support for Iraq to fight terrorism. But why not be done through the international coalition », pointing out that« our reservation because of the four-party alliance is a regular presence in Tehran and Damascus basis ».

, The leader of the «popular crowd» particular Kazemi announced yesterday the start of work on «Quartet coordination center», pointing out that Iraq «will be asked to support Russia's military and intelligence technology to hit Daash coordination with the Government».

On the ground, Iraqi troops confirmed progress in its campaign for the Liberation of gray. And regained control of large areas around the city. The brigadier said: «Our forces managed to restore an important strategic areas such as Znkurh and Albocalab and Adnaniyah parts and a wide area of ​​Alborahh», west of Ramadi. He talked about the killing of a large number of terrorists and destroying a number of their vehicles «what Dtrh to withdraw».

The Anbar Provincial Council member Amal Obaid Fahdawi that «the army was able, with the support of international airline alliance that plays a big role in the implementation process, to restore large areas north and west of Ramadi». He pointed to «edit about 20 from the vicinity of the city constitute a move regions and communication between militants Daash.» He predicted that «is released gray end of the month», adding that «Iraqi forces has the support of the people of the tribes».

According to the Interior Ministry statement that «Minister Mohammad Al-Ghabban discussed with the international coalition coordinator in the war against Daash gangs Gen. John Allen and US Ambassador in Baghdad Stuart Jones and other officials in the Iraqi police training in various fields, and along the areas of contact with the organization in the provinces of Nineveh, Salahuddin and Anbar », Ghabban and called for« the need to support the ministry and to expand the participation of the Italian team trainers ».

Allen praised «the performance of the Ministry of Interior to establish security and re-displaced to the nearby cities of Tikrit», expressing the hope that «this experiment succeed in Anbar». He predicted «edit largest city in Anbar (Ramadi) in the near future», pointing out that «the international coalition supporting the Ministry of Interior and its forces, especially being a federal police play a key and pivotal role in the liberation of the cities of operations Daash gangs.

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