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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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ALERT: Terrorist Front Group Makes Chilling Threat To Donald Trump… But It Gets Even Worse



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ALERT: Terrorist Front Group Makes Chilling Threat To Donald Trump… But It Gets Even Worse

Post by Lobo on Fri 25 Dec 2015, 2:52 pm

ALERT: Terrorist Front Group Makes Chilling Threat To Donald Trump… But It Gets Even Worse

Billionaire businessman and presidential candidate Donald Trump has taken quite a bit of fire from politicians and the media regarding his tough rhetoric about radicalized Muslims.

Now he is receiving thinly veiled threats from several American Muslim organizations, terror front groups all, if he persists with his “bigotry” and “Islamaphobia,” according to CNS News.

“Let it be heard, and clear, to all political candidates, be it Donald Trump or whoever else, that indeed, if you engage in Islamophobia, if you engage in demagoguery and bigotry, you will pay a political price,” declared Mahdi Bray, director of the American Muslim Alliance, during a Monday press conference.

“Because we’re going to register our people and we’re going to use our ballot and we’re going to ‘take our souls to the polls’ and make sure you are out of there,” Bray added.

The executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Nihad Awad, was quick to point out that none of the groups were endorsing a specific candidate, a violation of their 501(c)(3) non-profit status, before adding, “but yes, we’re going to be engaged, and as we say, ‘in November we will remember.’”

Altaf Husain, vice-president of the Islamic Society of North America, threateningly warned, “If you as a political candidate choose to spew hatred, bigotry, and to vilify Muslim Americans, you do so at your own political risk.”

CAIR’s Awad went on to say that he whole-heartedly agreed with likely Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton‘s assertion that Trump’s rhetoric about Muslims was actually doing a service to the Islamic State group by “playing into their hands,” in that he was creating division and fear to drive a wedge between the American people and Muslims.

The Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated terrorist front groups have essentially threatened action against not only Donald Trump, but any politician on either side of the aisle who dares to speak out against the dangers of radical Islamic terrorism.

Thankfully, the political power wielded by these Muslim groups resides mostly in corrupt and submissive politicians, and not in the general voting public or the ballot box, as Muslims make up less than 1 percent of the American population.

But just because their threats ring somewhat hollow, that doesn’t mean they should be taken lightly.

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