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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Military and counter-terrorism continue to progress in Sufism and Husaybah



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Military and counter-terrorism continue to progress in Sufism and Husaybah

Post by rocky on Sat 06 Feb 2016, 4:26 am

Military and counter-terrorism continue to progress in Sufism and Husaybah

 BAGHDAD / long-Presse 

Authority popular crowd stressed that Fallujah is under siege, but the battle of liberation from Daash will not begin until after the confirmation of the exit of all families. In turn predicted Anbar provincial council, near the start of the battle of Fallujah cleansing of Daash, stressing that the major role will be tribes in the revolution against terrorism from within Almedinh.oukal Karim al-Nuri, a spokesman for the Authority popular crowd in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The Fallujah siege We have demanded of those who keep families out of them over a year ago, "adding that" most of the families in the city came out ", stressing Nouri that" the crowd is bound to believe for those families safe paths to get out safely, because it stems from the principle: "No bearer of burdens shall bear the burden other, "pointing out that" the crowd can not begin the battle of Fallujah before checking out all the families. "He explained a spokesman for the Authority popular crowd that" a lot of effort is made ​​to ensure the exit of these families by throwing leaflets across the aircraft, since the military operations will not start before completing through the survey and update the information on those families. "turn morning Krhot, President of the Council, said al-Anbar province in an interview (range Press)," the battle cleanse Fallujah from guerrilla organization Daash approached will be the great role of clans and fighters in the revolution on terrorism within the city, support and outsourcing of security forces in the battles for liberation. "He added Krhot that" security forces are working to create safe corridors for out families from inside Fallujah before the implementation of military operations with the destruction of strongholds and dens Daash in Fallujah through intelligence and support for coalition aircraft to launch pre-emptive air strikes "He pointed President of the Council that" the past few days have seen armed operations targeting the headquarters for the organization Daash resulted in the deaths of dozens of elements of attacks by the people of Fallujah who rebelled against terrorism and the idea of radical "local administrator He pointed out that" combat the pieces of the army and police are progressing great cleansing fighting in Saqlawiyah eastern cutter also to gray, to cut off funding Daash lines and destroyed its strongholds and banditry, which is trying to escape through it. "in the same context, he stressed Ibrahim Fahdawi, head of the security committee of the Council spend Khalidiya, (long-Presse), that" battles currently circulating in the eastern axis of the city of Ramadi, specifically the areas of Sufism and Alsjarih and Husaybah, led the fight against terrorism and the military apparatus, support flight international coalition and the army Aviation ", noting that" those areas are important axis and the President battle against Daash, being the main line between spend Khalidiya the center city of Ramadi. " 
Fahdawi added that" Khalidiya Island area through the Japanese bridge, one of the axes is also important, "noting that" the security forces continue to progress to eject militants Daash of those areas, it reached advanced stages in cleared. "

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