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US site: Most fighters Daash Iraqis have joined because of financial need and joined the minority mo



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US site: Most fighters Daash Iraqis have joined because of financial need and joined the minority mo

Post by rocky on Sun 07 Feb 2016, 5:30 am

US site: Most fighters Daash Iraqis have joined because of financial need and joined the minority motivated by religion

 Baghdad / term 

In spring day two years ago, met with (Mohammad Abdel Karim) is a twenty-eight-year-old one of the recruits who work for the organization Daash in the town of Haditha in Anbar province, was the poor living conditions in his hometown motive behind joining the organization, as his city has not changed from what it was previously misery and misery, so narrated to us (cream), speaking in an exclusive interview with (Alanturnachunal Bazenz Times). 
cream "the main market was full, women and children walk in and out of shops along the main road, and buy fresh bread, meat and vegetables for the evening meal, while standing policemen in the middle of busy intersections and waving lazily to adjust the traffic, people were complacent. but a mysterious militant group called the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (Daash) began Bkhaddaah drag disadvantaged youth in poor rural districts, taking advantage of their need for money and ignorance, they grew this underground movement by offering regular paycheck and multiple wives for their members, and thus turned the city of (modern) into a center for the recruitment of terrorists in the end. 
and tried (cream) as recounted throughout his life to find steady work in the (modern) but ill fortune was leading him to the failure always find suitable employment do not take advantage of it. 
 one day, he got up in the early hours of the morning wandering the streets in search of a building contractor may wish to hire a temporary worker to this day, despite the meager salary that can be given to him, at best, if lucky , will gain worth ten dollars an American, but he often was back home empty-handed. 
I have to leave these days behind him, which is not more miserable than it is now, he now sits in a prison (Kirkuk), tied to an iron chair, blindfolded eyes. 
the cream: he did not know much about (my father verse), who tricked him, and the latter is one of the recruits who work for (the Daash) was the first time appeared in the (modern) in 2014, I've had people ambiguous, walking alone do not mix in the forums general social, but with respect to (cream), he offered this guy religious cool head artificial used a weapon calm convince say he was offered a way out to save him from poverty and despair that characterized their lives. 
he (cream) our sorrow and remorse great, and a drop of tear making its way down his cheek right: "when I was a kid I went to school, but my family was not able to provide food for me as well as pay school fees; so I left the school under duress; to be able to work to help them," he said. "I wanted to do anything other than work simple as a factor, I've I was too tired from this work. " 
(cream) is one of thousands of young Iraqis who have joined the Daash 2014, he joined the movement people who are in desperate need of a way out of dire financial distress in which they live. 
in the fall of 2014, confirmed the CIA US that an estimated 31,500 thousand people belong to the Sunni militant group from Tunisia, and Egypt, and Syria, and France, Afghanistan and Indonesia. 
while experts say that some group members have joined the organization; because they believe in the extremist Boediologith, but many joined ignorance of the ideas of the extremist terrorist organization, understanding of young uneducated and the poor and vulnerable who are easy rhythm and seduced them, and they do not differ much from the gang members in cities across the United States. 
she (Mia Bloom), an expert on terrorism at the University of Georgia: these soldiers, such as (cream), has been targeted Daash leaders in the cycle to organize and recruit based on penetration and rapid proliferation. 
she added that the majority of local fighters who came from countries such as Iraq and Syria because it is "for them, economic decision, a decision of life or death." She added, "Over the Daash stages needed where more people quickly, so they recruited any one, as were the barriers to join the almost non-existent, and after the founding of the state they Anatunha state (caliphate) organization began the prosecution of doctors and engineers." 
She said this behavior is not strange, we see this on a regular basis, with Daash, we see a different kind of terrorism, which seemed like the imagination of the Taliban terrorist in terms of education and credibility. " 
she (Bloom) while the masterminds of the ninth of September attacks and other terrorist attacks around the world are often affluent and well educated, but they were targeted for recruitment into the organization. "the employment and temptations package looks very different for fighters Daash foreigners from those that offer to the men and young people in Iraq and Syria, for them it is centered on getting a salary and a wife, but for foreign fighters, they give different things. " 
with regard to (Nayef Shihab Ahmed) 22 years and is one of the elements of Daash, was attributed to joining this terrorist organization to the urgent need for money to pay for the necessities of life pressing toward the price of clothing and food to his mother and his father and uncle, they live in a small village located on the road President outside (Kirkuk). 
Ahmad said in a prison cell he shares now with (cream), "they have told me that if I joined, it will pay you a monthly stipend, so I joined them obliged." 
he added, "If we talk about the reasons for joining, there is a target financial, or goal for what position, and there are people who believe in the doctrine of the organization completely, so join him, I am one of those who need the money. " The gets (Ahmad) to 150,000 Iraqi dinars any value (US $ 136) a month from Daash.
With regard to (cream) has a WYSIWYG belonging to this organization more than an argument but not limited to access to money, he claimed: that he did not want just money but he wanted to join the company of friends and wasting their unity and sense of belonging in which they shall be satisfied, he said: "I've been lonely for so promises friends and comrades were enough to entrap me." Through Daash tricked him, it can provoke now be a part of something much bigger than it is. 
He had noticed the (Abu verse) to enter and exit from the neighboring houses, and young people who visit the old houses. I've heard about (my father) any of its neighbors. 
"He asked me Abu verse," Why did not you join the Daash yet? I told him I do not know anyone here or in the (Kirkuk) to see me and easy to join them, and then said to me, "Do not worry, I'll help you." 
A few days later, he received (cream) call from a man in a government prison, I have arranged this person's (cream) to travel to a desert area west of (modern) to meet conscripts. At the meeting point, has been introduced (cream) blindfolded to a car, led recruiter four hours until they came to (Husaybah), a town on the Syrian border. 
When they arrived there, the cream was forced to recite a pledge of the organization before taking part in a training program new recruits a week. He said "you read under the eyes of security guards and was undertaking something similar to this: I pledge allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. I do not really remember what I said about a craftsman." 
And the training program for acts of terrorism were told that learning how belligerent and how to shoot and use various weapons, has fasted three days while being a series of physical exercises it is very strenuous. It is usually this ideological terrorist organization that not only test of physical endurance, they must test the spiritual readiness through fasting and receive lessons in religious extremist ideology, as they recite the Koran and Atdarssouna every morning and evening, and religion was not far away from him, it was (cream) religious about what but not to the extent committed blasphemy about what it is thought Daash saying, "I'm not very religious, I pray, but not on a regular basis." he said (cream) that he had learned organizing tasks during training camp and stick to it, even though it does not agree with that. "The real reason that prompted me to join them is that I did not have any source to live, I wanted to get rid of my humble and hard as a builder gets a pittance is not commensurate with his effort in a very hard work, but unfortunately has deceived me and deceived in I joined them, it was difficult for me to leave and get out of their grip, or even think about their betrayal. " 
after the end of the training program, allowed the organization Daash new recruits return to their homes and their families for three weeks time off, and during that time, dominated Daash in three Iraqi cities, Iraqis inhabited Almatnicon Sunni Islam, a key cities and President (Mosul and Baiji and Tikrit), and was Daash advancing on the Iraqi capital (Baghdad) and the need for all its members. 
We have communicated with the group (cream) after plotting to take over the (gray) and the cities that they claim is now an Islamic any relevant Sunni majority in Anbar province. Daash command unit that trained them (cream) to return to the training camp and wait for instructions. 
But all the roads leading to the (Kirkuk) were closed due to the control (the Peshmerga) on them. During this time he tried (cream) escape outside the region to be able to return to training camp. It was based on his new role in the group to get the money. During this period he met (Ahmed), a member of Daash, I arrived with the help of a group of smugglers who built roads camouflaged to move people to the land seized by the Daash. 
He (cream) for (Ahmed), "I have met him, and asked him if he the road is open, he replied he did not know. " "After a few days, he called me and said the way was open, and had arranged a car with smugglers in order to flee." 
Revealed the smugglers (Ahmed) and (Karim) off an unknown location in the desert and then necessitate them to walk to the training camp. On the way, and while they were walking in the dark, They confront a group of men, these men of the Iraqi security officers it was. Karim said, "When Ahzawna, they Batqna immediately." 
Since December of 2014, he spent (cream) and (Ahmad) jail together, as they were taken from the interrogation sites to a small military prisons and then to large prisons. It did not get (Ahmed) and (cream) on salary and other than him, and now, as they say: You do not have a future, they are very Fiqiran, does not manage to hire a lawyer to pleading with them, and their fate is uncertain, not to have a trial date, and must work with such detention as a matter of The reality may be long to very long. 
ï ® for: International Bazenz Times

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