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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Iraqi forces approaching from Mosul and edited in 4 months



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Iraqi forces approaching from Mosul and edited in 4 months

Post by rocky on Mon 08 Feb 2016, 7:17 am

Iraqi forces approaching from Mosul and edited in 4 months 


Iraqi forces approaching from the northern city of Mosul, a prelude to release it from the control of the organization Daash, where it was agreed to pay B4500 Iraqi military to eliminate drunk, just 50 kilometers from the city, the Iraqi defense minister stressed that the editing will not exceed the first half of this year.
London agreed the governments of Baghdad and Erbil on the presence of the strength of the Iraqi army in the district of drunk within the ongoing preparations for the battle of the restoration of the connector from the grip of the organization Daash who dominated since the tenth of June 2014, which will start arriving there starting next Wednesday.
Makhmour is located within the province of Nineveh and its capital Mosul is about 50 kilometers, and is located between the cities of Hawija and Sharqat and inhabited by tribes of Tay, and the flames and bliss. The drunken area of ​​semi-desert and produces barley, wheat, predominantly Sunni Arabs, along with the Kurdish minority government of the Kurdistan region and demanding the annexation of the Kurdistan region of Iraq because of its proximity and the passage of an oil pipeline from Kirkuk this region .. famed drunken spend producing oil and truffles.
The Kurdish sources to Baghdad and Erbil agreement to pay military B4500 Iraqi Army members Wednesday to spend a drunken, where they will be groomed for fighting al Daash by US trainers belonging to the international coalition.
The Iraqi defense minister after inspecting the joint coordination center for the Liberation of Mosul, in the district of drunken, and brief him on the military preparations for the start of editing operations, said that "the date of the restoration of the city of Mosul will not exceed the first half of this year over the tactics and new experiences obtained by the Iraqi armed forces in the fighting, which surprised Daash using new types of weapons, as quoted by Roudao Kurdish network in remarks seen by the "Culture".
He added that the "liberation of Nineveh operations will be closer than expected Daash organization will be more terrifying them and Snfajihm a new tactic by the experience gained by the Iraqi armed forces as well as Snfaji Daash new kinds of weapons."
He pointed out that "all the Iraqi security forces will take part in the liberation of the province of Nineveh and the Peshmerga forces operations will play a role in these processes." He explained that "preparations for the Iraqi security forces and to mobilize the tribes in full swing, and quickly too high and began Vanguards of the Iraqi armed forces up to the leaders of the liberation of Nineveh will take their positions and begin reconnaissance and exploration of enemy territory to begin the liberation of Nineveh operations."
For his part, pointed to the security and defense committee in the Iraqi parliament rapporteur Hakhuan Abdullah to set up operations base in a drunken may cost about $ 10 million in cooperation with the US, where it will be installed soldiers from the Iraqi army through the Kirkuk and in coordination with the Kurdistan region .. pointing out that the two opinions 15 and 16 of the Iraqi army will share in the restoration process of Mosul, as well as the federal police and the province of Nineveh police and border police. "
National crowd of the connector will take part in the liberation of the city
It is expected the participation of militants national crowd (Sunni), led by Ethel Najafi, the former governor of Nineveh in the process and who number gunman 5000 will be proofed at the base as well.
The head of the Kurdistan Regional Government Nechirvan Barzani had held in Baghdad at the end of last month, talks with Iraqi Prime Minister Hder Abadi dealt with emphasis on joint work between the Iraqi army and Kurdish Peshmerga to meet the organization Daash and the liberalization of the city of Mosul and all under the control of regulatory regions.
In the second of this month predicted international coalition against al Daash to be a battle to liberate the city of Mosul, a long and cruel and bloody, said coalition spokesman Steve Warren during a press conference in Baghdad that this city is the power Daash center and the capital of his succession, and where there is between 5 and 8 thousand fighters of the organization, they are at the peak of their strength.
He stressed that, therefore, expected that the battle to liberate Mosul long and harsh and gory but he also said, but coalition forces training Iraqi forces and providing them with weapons and equipment and launch air strikes will lead to victory in this battle.
He explained that the air strikes have succeeded in destroying Daash centers and killed many of its leaders, and prevented him to move outside of Mosul. He pointed out that it is difficult to deliver humanitarian aid to the inhabitants of Mosul, the more than two million people in fear of their occurrence .. However, Dash and addressed the people of Mosul, saying: be patient it will Tharirkm!
He added that Iraqi forces are now slowly moving towards Mosul and around Thar Thar Lake, which helps Iraqi coalition forces to spread around, and the implementation of strikes against Daash near them, to prevent him from carrying out attacks against the nearby cities in Haditha, Tikrit and Beiji and turbine. He stressed that the international coalition will support the liberation of Mosul operations advice and air strikes to secure air cover advanced to Iraqi forces in order to bring out the Daash fighters out of their holes and then kill them.

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