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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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With the approach of Fallujah .. edit the appearance of "apocryphal"



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With the approach of Fallujah .. edit the appearance of "apocryphal"

Post by rocky on Sat 13 Feb 2016, 8:15 am

With the approach of Fallujah .. edit the appearance of "apocryphal" Baghdadi through her

[rtl]BAGHDAD / obelisk: The Times newspaper reported on Friday that the leader of al Daash terrorist, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, appeared again in Fallujah.[/rtl]
[rtl]The paper says the pictures broadcast recently of Iraqi local channel, where the Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi shows, speaking to some of the kids in the contest for memorizing the Quran.[/rtl]
[rtl]She adds that the emergence of al-Baghdadi, who was in a mosque in Fallujah represents his first public appearance in 18 months, where he was handed the prizes to the winners of the children in a competition set up by the organization in the conservation and recite the Koran to children.[/rtl]
[rtl]It shows that al-Baghdadi, who is considered one of the most wanted man in the world at least for public appearances for security reasons luxurious appearance was in May 2014 when he led the Friday sermon and mother of the worshipers at the Grand Mosque in the city of Mosul in northern Iraq.[/rtl]
[rtl]With the liberalization of Fallujah by the Iraqi army and popular crowd, the organization Daash and those supporting it, seeking to spread fear among the people of Fallujah in particular, and work to regain the 'Management of Savagery' list of serious intimidation of dissidents to organize inside Fallujah and outside, to create a mental image scary make people in a state of confusion with the intensification of the siege of the city, and the approaching battle edited.[/rtl]
[rtl]Apparently, the organization sought to the emergence of 'apocryphal' the leader in Fallujah, hoping to broadcast the determination in the ranks of the fighters, who have become aware of the approaching hour packages in Fallujah, it has arrived.[/rtl]
[rtl] The paper points out that one of the persons who appeared with al-Baghdadi is mostly likeness by a group of security analysts and experts, the fight against terrorism, where the back of people like al-Baghdadi much sitting to his left and put a green turban on his head while he was al-Baghdadi's speech but the man himself appeared then distributed the awards to the children.[/rtl]
[rtl]The paper considers that the organization of a number of terrorist activities to beautify its image, such as competitions for children, including providing them with free ice cream and competitions for children in eating which are believed to contribute to the organization they forget about the people of the killings committed by.[/rtl]
[rtl] Gazette confirms that Daash Front victory and exchanging hostility now, although they share the same ideology and beliefs.[/rtl]
[rtl]The newspaper notes that the emergence of al-Baghdadi denies rumors of rumors in the past few months about killing or being injured in one of the air raids.[/rtl]

Interacting Investor
Interacting Investor

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Re: With the approach of Fallujah .. edit the appearance of "apocryphal"

Post by fonz1951 on Sat 13 Feb 2016, 10:00 am

all the intelligence agencies in the world can't seem to find him, but this news agency knows exactly where he is? wtf? sniper? political?


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Re: With the approach of Fallujah .. edit the appearance of "apocryphal"

Post by Lobo on Sat 13 Feb 2016, 4:01 pm

Since the powers that be created the enemy we love to hate, it will have to be someone on the "outside" to take him out.  Where is the sniper that took out 3 ISIS big shots in Libya - I would bet he is Iranian and hopefully blending in and soon this menace will be resting the the bowels of hell.

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Re: With the approach of Fallujah .. edit the appearance of "apocryphal"

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