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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Iraq published battle against Daash details within 24 hours



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Iraq published battle against Daash details within 24 hours

Post by rocky on Sun 14 Feb 2016, 3:48 pm

Iraq published battle against Daash details within 24 hours

Sunday 14-02-2016 | 7:18:31

H d

Twilight News / announced media-Harbi cell killing dozens of members of al-Daash destroyed the headquarters of the targets, the past 24 hours of fighting. 
According to a statement of the cell responded to Twilight News, "I embarked on the strength of the Infantry Brigade 36 detachments address unexploded ordnance battalion engineering field of the Tenth Infantry Division the attribution of air and artillery toward the massacre north of Albu-Thiyab area for the purpose of searching the area of the containers was able to disinfect all buildings and inspection of wheels bombs devastated and found (5 Vladimir gun tapes and 100 rounds and 8 different Kalashnikov rifle and materials backup storage for gun Vladimir and 3 bodies of elements Daash terrorist and 4 destroyer wheels) and the dismantling two explosive devices. "
"I came out stronger than (Headquarters dominant REACT Task Force, Maj. Gen. automated third federal police) to carry out the duty of inspection in the boycotted (Eastern Husaybah) and found piled hardware contains (50 mortar shells of 120 mm and a rocket Hell homemade), and carried out the second group infantry Brigade 31 and detachment address unexploded ordnance of the battalion band Engineering eighth security operation to clear the road within boycotted responsibility resulted in the find (3 IED) was detonated under control, coalition aircraft carried out (9) missions that killed 18 terrorists and destroy ( 3 combat positions and 5 pool) centers. "
The statement continued, citing the leadership of the federal police forces "managed Seventh Brigade of the Federal Police to arrest three terrorists and adjust the possession of wheel-loaded iPods booby manufacturing, while delivering the First Brigade arrested one of the terrorists responsible for supplying detonators belts and roadside bombs in Baghdad, and seized the federal forces a cache of self-styled Bjnhm missiles and projectiles of war left over elements Daash after fleeing from Eastern Husaybah area. "
The statement said that the Buhriz police station and regiment emergency Diyala fourth and detachments from the Office of Intelligence Buhriz and the strength of the popular crowd carried out a security operation in the district of Baquba groves area (hip lip) resulted find amassed hardware contains (20 mortar shells 60 and four grenades launcher RBG7 against persons and 4 fillings pomegranate launcher RBG7). " 
and infantry Brigade 74 band 15" detachment address unexploded ordnance carried out the general headquarters / 1 security operation in Yathrib neighborhood of Qadisiyah area resulted in the discovery of (Walker booby-trapped and 6 IED) was detonated under control. "

And executed airline Air Force 7 sorties while carried out military aviation 18 missions at various cutters operations while carried out military aviation targets airstrike in Samarra Island, resulted in the destruction of the pelvic wheel and killed them and destroy the wheel Adhari carrying heavy machine guns caliber / 23 mm and killed where, and carried coalition aircraft 14 sorties included areas (Sharqat - Karma - channel blather - Albu life - Mosul - Sinjar - Afar) that killed 18 terrorists and destroyed 17 locations combat Centre gathering of the enemy and 3 missiles and wheel-bomb and mortar.

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