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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Organization: Daash used mustard gas attacks in Iraq



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Organization: Daash used mustard gas attacks in Iraq

Post by rocky on Tue 16 Feb 2016, 4:28 am

Organization: Daash used mustard gas attacks in Iraq


Sources close of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons sources, on Monday told AFP, the use of mustard gas in August / August in Iraq during an attack on the two cities Qreptan of Arbil, the capital of the Kurdistan region of Iraq. 
She said the sources, close to the organization requesting anonymity, told AFP, "the results of the tests confirmed the use of mustard gas."And stresses the Kurdish authorities that Aldoaash are the ones who carried out this attack. 
This comes a few days after confirmation of CIA Director (CIA), John Brennan, the use of organizing Daash chemical weapons, pointing to the ability of the organization to produce small amounts of chlorine and mustard gas. 
Brennan said, in an interview with CBS News, "we have a number of signals that indicate that al Daash used chemical munitions on the battlefield." 
she said the network that Brennan said that "the CIA believes that the organization is capable of making small amounts of chlorine and mustard gas. " "There is information that the organization of Islamic states in his reach materials and chemical ammunition can be used." 
The Brennan warned that the organization could seek to export weapons to the West for financial gain. He said that "This is possible, so it is important the various transport routes cutting and smuggling that they use."
In response to a question about the "American presence on the ground," to search for caches or laboratories for chemical weapons, Brennan said, "The US intelligence community is actively involved in efforts to destroy the organization Daash and see what they have on the ground in Syria and Iraq as much as possible. " 
this came just days after similar remarks by US intelligence coordinator James Clapper told a committee in the US Congress. 
he said Clapper said takfiri organization" used toxic chemicals in Syria and Iraq, including work that causes sores sulfur mustard, "he said, adding it was the first time in which an extremist produced and used chemicals since the attack by the sect Aum in the subway in Tokyo since 1995. 
in a related context, it ruled the New Zealand government, on Monday, sending Uzlndeh special forces to participate in the war against al Daash in Iraq in accordance with the request made ​​by US defense Secretary Ashton Carter last year. 
and attributed this to the "unwillingness" Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi so, and confirmed the success in training Iraqi soldiers tasks. 
New Zealand has in Iraq, 205 soldiers were train Iraqis within the international coalition's efforts, as the New Zealand government deployed soldiers "unarmed" to search for its citizens belonging to organize Daash in Iraq. Said John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand, during a press conference held at the headquarters of the prime minister, and I followed (range Press), "The New Zealand government has ruled out sending New Zealand Special Air Service Elements (SAS), to participate in the ongoing war against al Daash in Iraq, based on asked US defense Secretary Ashton Carter made ​​by the countries last year alliance. " 
added John Key to" the New Zealand government does not see at the moment no reason to send elements of our special forces to Iraq, it does not fit with what requested by the Iraqi government, "asserting that "Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi seek help only in training Iraqi forces, and has no desire to send Uzlndeh forces to fight Daash." 
He ruled out the Prime Minister of New Zealand "to send troops to Iraq is absolutely straightforward, it does not fit with what the New Zealand now training tasks in Iraq, "pointing out that" the role played by through the training of Iraqi forces has achieved great success. " 
the Ministry of Defence of New Zealand, said in a statement, the beginning of November last month, said that" a group of 105 military trainers had left Hobart base New Zealand headed to Iraq as part of non-combat mission to train Iraqi army base in Taji. " 
 noting that" they will join the former group of New Zealand military personnel in Iraq, published last April, which has a population of 100 people. "

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