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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Went to liberate the north of Fallujah, Anbar and leaving the American understandings with dissident



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Went to liberate the north of Fallujah, Anbar and leaving the American understandings with dissident

Post by rocky on Tue 16 Feb 2016, 4:31 am

Went to liberate the north of Fallujah, Anbar and leaving the American understandings with dissidents Daash

 BAGHDAD / Wael blessing 

Showing dissidents Daash on the Iraqi government deal to enter Fallujah without a fight, in exchange for ensuring that pursue them afterwards. But a local official in the city, confirms that the Iraqi government is dealing with "chilled" with the presentation of the dissidents, denied knowing why. He suggested the militants on the government to take their families "hostage" until the liberation of the city, as an indicator of the seriousness of the display. Surfaced recently, conflicts in Fallujah between Iraqis of the organization, and most of them sons of the city, and elements of foreigners coming from outside the country. Conversely attribute the military official in Anbar delayed liberalization of Fallujah to the existence of understandings with some of its residents. And it confirms the official, who was the senior military position in Al-Anbar, the military plans that puts the American side, which determines the priority and point of attack. The malfunction Americans more than an imminent attack on the "Fallujah", try the popular crowd launched last summer. The leaders said in the crowd, when they approached the last year of Fallujah, that the United States asked them to leave the area and to the direction of Baiji, north of Tikrit, before editing. Him the popular crowd, recently, its positions in the south of Fallujah to the anti-terror apparatus, according to a local official in Anbar. Hit by the Fallujah and Ramadi after the liberation of the end of 2015, the local authorities began in Anbar are talking about an imminent attack on the western Anbar and not Fallujah. He says Farhan Mohammed, a member of the Anbar province in an interview (range), the desire to go to the western Anbar, was aimed at "easing the pressure on the modern." Daash are waging a continuous attacks on modern and hand-Baghdadi from the Heat, which resides proximity to the largest military base of trained American of "Marines." Says Farhan, "there is a risk they will hit civilians in Hit, because it is considered the largest human gathering in Anbar after Ramadi and Fallujah." Pointing out that "the existence of large numbers of people in the Heat may be displaced toward al-Baghdadi and Haditha." The faces of those towns humanitarian difficult circumstances for nearly two years because of Altqldeh roads linking Baghdad with the interruption. And adopted parents to meet Ahtajathm of food and medicine to the air bridge which ISD is a lot of need. The hosts modern 2500 displaced families had fled, earlier, from the towns to the west of Anbar. Closest to Syria the way the other hand estimated responsible in Anbar that "Daash cut 600 km from the Heat to get to the existing and then to Syria," adding, "If Possession regulation on a modern van will shorten the distance to 400 km. " And see the names of al-Ani, a member of the Anbar provincial council, said the "Shortcut distance motivate the militants to re-attacks constantly on the modern." It confirms al-Ani, in connection with the (range), saying, "If we controlled the border with Syria is Daash will end very fast time." According to a member of the Anbar provincial council that "elements Daash traveling on foot from the city of Qaim, far west of Anbar, to the Syrian Abu Kamal area that Atbad Iraqi city, only 500 meters." In return the government will have to find a safe outlets to about 160 thousand families in Hit, half of them displaced from other towns. Draws the names of Ani that "Heat is the last cities that fell to the Daash in western Anbar province, and home to a large number of the population, including 85 thousand displaced families from Fallujah and Anah and Rawah. " She pointed to the escape of less than 25% of the indigenous population to al-Baghdadi. On the other hand there is based in the city of 25 thousand displaced families, and in 1000 the family of Rawah, Anah and 1500, mostly from Fallujah. Controlled Daash on "Heat" 4 months after the fall of Mosul in June 2014. Hit The City of civilization far from the tribal character, and most of its staff and university professors. Surrounded by mine town and the social character of the city, al-Ani said, "There are no big clans in Hit or rest towns west of Anbar. there you will find it difficult to control the 10 individuals. " confirm the Anbar provincial council member, said" most of the people rejected Daash, "pointing to receive messages from civilians confirming their support any efforts for editing. And it began to organize Daash, recently, stressing the exit of civilians from "Heat". According to Ani, the names of the "Daash killed two families, two weeks ago, tried to escape from the city." She talked about that most of the population suffer from difficult humanitarian conditions due to irregular payment of staff salaries. Watching Daash, intensely, movement and contacts of the population, also imposes strict measures on the sale of mobile phone lines, "SIM card". The gunmen surrounded the city dense field of mines and using "Heat" military training base. And regularly organized to display scenes of murder on giant screens in the city center.Dissidents Daash With the preparations that are being made ​​to start a military operation to restore the northern cities of Anbar, looming in Fallujah, signs of rebellion among Daash, due to sharp differences between the Iraqi local elements and the other coming from out of bounds. reveals Saadoun al-Shaalan, Mayor of Fallujah, about "the existence of dissidents for the gunmen gave a presentation to the Iraqi government through intermediaries to enter civil to without a fight." Shaalan, in his interview with the (range), he asserts that "the dissidents gave their families a guarantee of the sincerity of their words, as demanded the government giving them guarantees against prosecution after it. " but the local official says that" the government in Baghdad did not interact with the subject, "denying knowledge of the reasons behind it. affirms Mayor of Fallujah," there are about eight thousand families in Fallujah, "noting that" most of them are forced to stay due to poor physical condition and lack of desire to live in camps for the displaced. " Daash and imposed on the population pay $ 5 thousand dollars in exchange for out of the city, access to safe ports announced by the Iraqi military authorities. Iraqi forces are located near Fallujah, about 3 km from the Civil southern regions. It is likely Shaalan delayed the attack on Fallujah because of a "movement splits" might try to reduce the losses, through hit specific points to regain the city. Battles hand? For his part, a military official, has served a senior position in Anbar, said that "priority destinations battles determined by the US plans."former military official, who spoke to (range), on condition of anonymity, said, "I do not rule out the existence of understandings between the United States and dissidents in Fallujah to enter a secure Iraqi forces into the city . " it was Mohammed Naji, the commander of the Badr forces south of Fallujah, has revealed the US pressure to keep" the crowd from Fallujah and orientation for the Liberation of Baiji. " The crowd has often defended his idea to liberate Fallujah before the gray, considering it "snake head", but farther in the end, a distance of more than 60 km away from Fallujah. He says al-Shaalan that "the popular crowd at Nuaimiya area, south of Fallujah forces recently handed over their positions to the troops anti-terrorism".

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