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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Interior constitute a cell to combat kidnapping and robbery gangs in Baghdad



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Interior constitute a cell to combat kidnapping and robbery gangs in Baghdad

Post by rocky on Thu 18 Feb 2016, 2:40 am

 Interior constitute a cell to combat kidnapping and robbery gangs in Baghdad
 By: Wab1
date: Thursday 02.18.2016 5:54

BAGHDAD - Abdul Rashid Saleh 
experiencing Baghdad kidnappings and physical liquidation of the elements of security and officials, government officials, traders and civilians, and different objectives behind them between criminal and sectarian political and again, but what raises the controversy is monitoring the sequential incidents in different parts of Baghdad. This raises the size of lawlessness concern officials at the Interior Ministry, which bears the bulk of it, and perhaps this concern paid to the formation of a competent security cell to prosecute kidnapping gangs and organized crime, armed robbery, as they managed to arrest 95 terrorist cell during the past year, but the rest of those efforts are insufficient to eliminate those bands that dramatically worsened recently began exceeding the civilians without fear. Baghdad Provincial Council member Farhan Qasim said in an interview with "Baghdad news", "the House of Baghdad began years window of laws to combat crime and gangs of robbery in the capital since," stressing "the need to implement those laws of the executive authorities and the Interior Ministry." among Qasim that "activating the laws is the solution, not the enactment of new laws," explaining that "the board of Baghdad has huge legal base, but the problem is not properly applied." For his part, he said security expert who is close to the Interior Ministry Fadel Abu loaf, that "there is a cell formed by the Ministry of the Interior have been circulating her phone number," noting that "this cell competent to pursue gangs that roam Baghdad." he added Apure loaf in an interview for "Baghdad news," "these cell arrested more than 95 terrorist cells and gangs kidnapping and armed robbery over the past year," pointing out that "the deteriorating security situation and financial corruption contributed to the spread of these criminal gangs engaged in murder, robbery and extortion." He stressed that "the cell formed in coordination with the security apparatus National Interior Ministry, "adding that" all security forces, including the cell hawks to practice in the prosecution of those unruly gangs. "chairman of the Security Committee of quitting and defense in the same context, said in an interview with a number of media, including news agency Baghdad international / WAP / , "the Commission on Security and defense parliamentary hosted the commander of Baghdad operations Lt. Gen. Abdul Amir al-Shammari and other officers in the leadership."experiencing the capital Baghdad, security breaches, is blowing up wheels bomb along with improvised explosive devices on a daily basis, targeting those bombings, security forces and civilians alike, as well to theft and armed robberies took spreading recently is worrying, targeting shops exchange currency or gold shops and markets commercial and civilian homes.

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